A super stylish living space with a dining space in the background and a statement chandelier from DelightFull. This project was done by AD Dal Pozzo and H&A Associati in NYC. Image: DelightFULL.

Top Design Crimes

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In all my years in the design industry as a professional, I have worked for clients from many walks of…

Partial view of the Iguazu falls in Argentina.

Trip to Argentina

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In July 2019, Eva and her 10 year old son Michael, set out for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Argentina; a…

A contemporary design hall with a table and chair from Karimoku. Image: Design Shanghai.

Circular Design :: A Window to Opportunity

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Humans have an amazing ability to innovate. This attribute is our window to opportunity for change, growth and ultimately happiness…

One of my home corners where I paint styled with some natural touches and a vague Scandi style.

Shopping My House

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Every spring I have a craze over cleaning and re-vamping my home. It helps me feel like I’m on top…

Bird eye view of an outdoor dining setup for Easter.

Easter Table Setting When in Lockdown

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Easter is literally just around the corner and I thought I should share with you my Easter table setting that…

A dark and moody earth toned living set with a brown cladding accent wall, two gorgeous leather armchairs and a round coffee table. Image: Martina Gemmola for Anaca Studio.

Decorating in Earth Tones

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Earth tones, deeply rooted in nature’s landscapes, have a soothing quality like no other. From my experience as a designer,…

The Jacob sofa. A beautiful blue velvet sofa with some edgy cures in a minimal contemporary setting. Image: Collector.

Decorating with Velvet

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Ok this is a bit funny, but I was named after a fabric – velvet. Yap! I’m quite certain that…

Midi navy blue polka dot dress with pleats paired with camel knee high boots. Image: SABA.

Top 5 Trends to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

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It’s about this time of year, that re-introducing color into our wardrobe is something to look forward to. Sure, we…

Two young women from India holding up a sign that reads 'I made your clothes.' Image: Secret Projects.

Secret Projects : Empowering Women in India

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A gloomy Tuesday afternoon it was, that I went through my email inbox when my eyes gleamed with joy and…

An overall view of a exhibition room at Stockholm's design week 2020, known as the Sculptor's Residence. Image: Italianbark.

The Sculptor’s Residence

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The Sculptor’s Residence, located in an apartment in central Stockholm, was a tribute to the ateliers of great artists. It…

A sexy grey check power suit will not fail you. Image: SABA

Three Styles of Women’s Power Suits

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Women’s power suits make an awesome alternative for your uniform wardrobe, especially now during this transitional season which is so…

Potted orchids in full bloom. Real or fake? My best orchid decor hack.

Best Orchid Decor Hack

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Happy new week y’all! Today, I want to share with you a little DIY decorating hack that I do at…

A bright and colorful contemporary living room with a distinct modern British flair. Designed by Zulufish. Image credit: Brabbu Design Forces.

The Anatomy of a Stylish Home : Decorating with Intention

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Truth be told, a stylish home is never an accidental or circumstantial outcome. Any stylish home that you may have…

A woman in a black one piece suit wearing golden hoop earrings and holding a straw bag over her head as she's walking by a pool. Image: Accessorize.

Latest Jewelry Trends to Try Now

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Take a good look at your wardrobe. If you think that it needs an update, then start with these latest…

Velvet taking a smartphone picture while in Hermoupolis, Syros.

How to Take Better Pictures With a Smartphone

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Over the last few years, I have learned (unintentionally) to take better pictures with a smartphone for three reasons. The…

A white kitchen with minimal furnishing and a Mediterranean feel to it.

Insights From the IMM Cologne 2020

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If there’s a motto for this year’s imm Cologne 2020, then that would be better living. The first furniture fair…

A child's blue bedroom with a bookcase like a huge rectangular planter. Image:

How to Get Your Child Interested in Reading

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One of the biggest challenges I have faced as a parent lately is to get my eldest child interested in…

A bright, perfectly styled dining vignette in a home with a Cycladic minimal vibe. Photo: Three Birds Renovations/Raja Homewares.

Friday Musings 01.17

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The weekend is almost here and looking forward to it. Any plans? Personally, I will rest as much as possible.…

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The Normann Copenhagen Eddy table lamp on a mustard colored velvet pouf amongst other furniture including a blush pink two seater sofa. The surrounding walls appear to be made of two different kinds of marble. Image by

Interior Trends 2019

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OK we’re halfway through this week already and I just realized that I haven’t posted anything design related for over a week. So, without further delay let me share with…

A contemporary bathroom where teal reigns in the wainscotting and flooring. A brassy round mirror is paired nicely with two brassy sconces on each side of it. I like the wall mounted wooden tone vanity furniture that makes everything feel more airy. Image by El Corte Inglés Decoración.

Top 6 Bathroom Design Mistakes To Avoid

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If any of you have ever been on a sailing trip with a 38ft rental sailboat, then you know how tiny the bathroom really is. For those of you who…

View of a room with a clothing rack in front of a window with white sheer curtain and a round tall concrete planter pot against a gray microcement wall

5 Reasons Why Microcement is Designer’s Matter Envy

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Hello there! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything concerning design for I was away on summer vacation. Yeehh! Promise, I’ll be posting my impressions, review, and tips…

A white sitting room with a bohemian flair to it because of the white hanging Moroccan lantern, the seagrass baskets in front of the white sofa, the blue patterned throw pillows, the plants and the peackock fan white armchair. Image by Monsoon.

Bohemian Decor :: The “It” Decor For Eclectic Decorating Fusions

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Ok, so you’re into minimalism. Thumbs up! And you love the modern era with all its iconic sleek, airy furniture. Swell! But you’re also into art gallery walls, because life…


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