A young child appears to be busy doing something on a table in a nursery room. I love the wooden child chairs with the animals faces painted on them. How cute. Image by Cuckooland.

The Essential Pieces For A Baby’s Nursery

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Every new mom awaits patiently the arrival of her baby – that little person that will take over the whole of her heart and change her life around forever. And…

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School children running outside a school building. Image by Marks & Spencer.

School Uniforms :: The Forever Ongoing Debate

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One day before schools open officially here in Greece! Our school shopping list included all the books and supplies, a bigger backpack, laced sneakers and his school uniforms… A check…

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A young child sitting on a floor bed in a Montessori looking bedroom. Image by Cuckooland.

The Montessori Bedroom

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Are any Montessori parents out there? If so, then I want your input. A client of mine wants to design a Montessori bedroom for her bundle of joy. Personally, I…

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A bouquet of orange and purple tulips flat on a white surface with a note that reads love.

To My Mom

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Dear Mom, I haven’t made you, and worse written you a Mother’s Day card for ages. I have forgotten to properly “thank you” one time too many. I have passed…

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Two twin sisters looking pretty in raincoats embracing each other on a narrow timber footbridge outdoors.

The Eco-Friendly Fashion Label Moms Need To Know Now

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Ah, whenever we make a discovery, a thrill comes over us. Doesn’t it? It’s an innate response to anything that fascinates our imagination and sparks the birth of new possibilities!…

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Rona, my friend with her baby in her arms.

The Benefits and Challenges of a Multi-Cultural Family Environment

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Raising a multi-lingual family has certainly its benefits and share of challenges. The exposure to different languages means exposure to different mindsets and ultimately a broader way of thinking. But…

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