A blue Fritz Hansen Egg chair in a concrete grey nook. Talk about design envy.

Blue Inspiration

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Growing up by the sea had a tremendous impact on me; watching the reflections upon calm waters or the turmoil of rough seas made me a passionate fan of the…

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Easter Decorating Inspiration

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Easter is almost here. For so many of you, Easter Sunday is only five days away. For Orthodox Christians like myself, it’s next weekend. And I can’t wait for it.…

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Four women walking in Bonneville Salt Flats

Women’s Day :: Empowerment

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Today, on March 8th, 2018 is International Women’s Day. What does that mean? Is it just another day marked on a calendar? Sadly, for so many yes! But, fortunately for…

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What a great motif: succulents. This wallpaper is super. Image by MindtheGap

Fantastic Wallpaper Ideas

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If there was one thing I would love to see more of, in Greece, is wallpaper. And I’m not talking about any boring, granny looking wallpaper. Wallpapers nowadays are simply…

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A superb photo by Patrick Kool of a woman in a long red dress dancing in a dark room. The quote under reads Take a chance and dance in the rain. Otherwise what's the point? cited from Velvet

Beautiful Quotes to Keep in Mind!

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One of my favorite Pinterest boards is all about typography, inspirational quotes and typefaces. It is totally fascinating reading quotes in various typefaces expressing in a visual way a general…

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A beautifully styled tabletop for a New Year's Eve dinner party with lots of colored wine glasses, white porcelain plates with silver trims, silver cutlery all on a white tablecloth.

New Year’s Eve Decor

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Hi there! How are you?… Christmas is over but hopefully we all made some great memories to remember it by. And before we catch our breaths, we’ve got New Year’s…

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