Curvy sofas, one of the 2018 sofa trends. A very stylish white room with built in bookcases around a window door, a pink curvy sofa, an airy coffee table and a rusty colored armchair as the perfect accent. Image by

The 2018 Sofa Trends

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While looking at images of different interiors, I couldn’t help but notice five distinct sofa trends for 2018, each one with a particular appeal to me. A common denominator among…

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A soothing ambiance in a bathroom like this is dreamy. A copper free standing tub, soft towels and lit candles - is all you need. Image by Dunelm.

6 Easy Ways to Create a Zen Bathroom

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Fancy a weekend at a spa resort but you can’t make it? Sounds like my life story. The good news are that in our daily lives, there is one space…

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The Vitra RAR Eames plastic rocking armchair paired next to an Akari floor lamp in a house vignette with lots of wooden shelving and a wooden floor. Image by

Japandi :: The Cross Cultural Fusion Design Trend

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Last year, one of the emerging design trends was the Japandi, named after the fusion of the Scandinavian minimalism and the Japanese aesthetic. I’ve watched it grow and bloom into…

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Summer Mood :: Rattan Chairs

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In the summertime when the living is easy… Image by Amara (via). Now that is a Bloomingville – Orinoco rocking chair I would love to add in my bedroom if…

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Elizabetta Rizzato standing in the Forest of Lamps exhibition installation at the first Digital Art Museum in Tokyo. Image copyright: Italianbark.

Must See :: The Digital Art Museum in Tokyo

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Japan is one the fastest growing travel destinations. It surely is one of the most fascinating too. And a new attraction is giving travelers an additional reason to visit her…

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Sneak view of a minimal Scandi looking sitting set in a bright white room. I just love both armchairs with their textured feel and the black round coffee table in front of them. Image by Debenhams.

My Top 5 Tips For Styling A Coffee Table

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Heyyy guys! Today I’d like to share with you my top five tips for styling a coffee table like a pro, so that you can turn it into a beautiful…

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