Welcome to Velvet on Interior Design Masterclass, a course where you’ll learn how to become a better decorator and to design your home yourself with all the proper tools in a framework that makes sense. Hello, I’m Velvet Karatzas and I warmly invite you to join me for this exciting online course, Velvet on Interior Design Masterclass in April 2022.

This course is everything you’d expect and so much more. I teach you what I love doing best – designing, decorating, and styling. I teach you how to develop your own creative voice when it comes to design and home decor.

In this course, you’ll have direct access to your teacher (me!) The e-book with the introduction, 12 modules and appendix is a complete how to design course. Still, it may get you this far. That’s why, I’ll be there to see you further, for that extra mile, via our two one-on-one Zoom calls.

You won’t feel lost and alone. The course is self-paced and easy to follow, but the assignments will be challenging enough to get you thinking like a designer. Each assignment has been set up within a framework that will get you to research, think critically, train your eyes and get you familiarized with the actual design process.

You’ll also get the Eye-training Bootcamp - a special assignment for enhancing your critical thinking.


What you get:

  • 12 Lessons created exclusively for this course as beautiful PDFs to print, read at your pace and keep forever;
  • homework assignments after every module (optional, but highly recommended) that include exercises like ‘What’s wrong with this image?!’;
  • feedback for every homework assignment from me to keep track of your progress and level of comprehension;
  • 2 LIVE chats with me  – the first one after completing module no. 5 and the second one right after completing all 12 modules;
  • additional beautiful complimentary PDFs with useful infographics as reference to download, print, and enjoy forever;
and an in-depth (behind the scenes) case study of a real client project.

This course will be a learning experience like no other. Since I have an engineering discipline, I don’t beat around the bush. I have been trained to find solutions to real problems; so in this course, I teach you how you can go about it too. I have broken down my process for you to follow, apply, and adopt.

I will walk you through my design process using a real client project, in order to share with you all the nitty and gritty behind the scenes. But I’ll take it a step further and get you involved in the process too with its respective assignment. And obviously, you can rest assured that you will get lifetime access to all the materials, including future updates of this course.

In 2021 I had the pleasure of taking Velvet on Interior Design Course and I was so happy to gain as much creative as well technical interior design knowledge. This combination is unique and you will not find it in any other course. Velvet is a wonderful, patient and inspirational teacher!” – VALENTINA GORYUN

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

The best part of this course: You will receive feedback from me for every homework assignment you complete. That way, you will know exactly where you stand; I will be there to shed light on what you’ve done right or not. And during these two one-on-one Zoom calls with me, you will get to aske me any questions and discuss with me your concerns, design dilemmas.

At the end of the course, you will have a complete outlook of my design process, created your very own list of resources and the ability to tell good design from bad design – an invaluable asset that will help you edit your very own projects.

A two page PDF layout from the Velvet on Interior Design Course module 2.


To save your seat inside my e-course, Velvet on Interior Design, simply contact me: info@te-esse.com
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