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the destination that praises a mix and match sensibility

What is Te Esse's mission?

Te Esse explores the vast space of inspiring ideas and possibilities with an open mind and the conviction that good design begins with an even better story.

Who do we serve?

Our mission statement appeals to anyone who pursues a more meaningful life, embraces slow living and delights in all the little things in life that matter most.

So who's Te Esse?

Te Esse is not about one single person. It is much bigger than that. It is more of a mantra that continues to expand and mature in this journey and shall not be "boxed in." Ultimately, it can mean different things to different people and that's the beauty of it all.

A Quick Word About Us

Hello everyone. We are Velvet and Elisabeth, two sisters, moms and design addicts with an engineering discipline who believe that true beauty is never perfect.

We share a passion for design, eclectic trends, “out of the box” spaces, and love any style that is an outcome of diversity and individuality. We also enjoy striking good conversations on topics that run from design to culture, and travel to fashion as much as any other girl. 

As such, this joint project began with an emphasis on simple, honest design. However, it aspires to foster a community where we share ideas, inspiration sources, trends and tips, design agonies, explore endless possibilities and laugh over a few (or more!) homemade stories that celebrate being

We are on a mission to make everyone a better decorator and hence, ensue one’s appreciation for design and its values.

With that in mind, we seek to be your go-to source of fun, creative, intriguing inspiration that will brighten your life. 

Thank you for getting to know us. XO,

Velvet signature
Velvet in a khaki linen shirt in front of an art gallery wall.

About Velvet

Hi, I’m Velvet Karatzas, a Greek born with a German mom, who studied civil engineering in the UK. I launched my career as a civil engineer some 22 years ago, but soon turned to interior design – my passion. My engineering discipline though combined with my artist’s psyche, gave me a strong backbone for developing my skills in design.

Naturally, my creative process has evolved over the years and helped me build an inner confidence for exploring possibilities without the factor of “fear.” This allows me to design for clients and channel their own distinct style without overshadowing them. Currently, I’m based in Athens, Greece, living under a sea of sun with my beautiful family while designing, consulting and blogging away.

So how did the blog come about?

Back in 2015, I founded this blog that I named “Te Esse” that means ‘be you, be yourself’ in Latin. I know it is easy to pronounce, but not as easy to remember. Unless you know what it means. In any case, these two words describe best my philosophy in life.

Being as opposed to doing has always been my ultimate pursuit. And you can not pursue anything successfully unless you are truly yourself. Therefore, I choose to do things in my very own way, as opposed to following all that is mainstream.

At first, I thought I should “record” my appreciation for design, arts and architecture. However, I began sharing trade insights based on years of experience and inspiration sources for like-minded design creatives. And that’s pretty much how I embarked on this blogging journey…

Velvet in front of a laptop, blogging away

Being as opposed to doing has been my ultimate pursuit.

Over time, the multiple facets of my personality got me telling stories also, especially about discoveries I make. These stories are driven by my increased levels of curiosity for all that’s happening, inspiring, trending and connecting, with sprinkles of real life homemade experiences, fostering a strong sense of a mix and match sensibility. The outcome is a sincere, reliable resource for your projects and a fun, pleasant read during your coffee break (or lunch break). So, stick around, peruse TE ESSE and see what it will mean to you…


Elisabeth on a sunny winter day wearing a camel coat over a total black outfit.

About Elisabeth

Elisabeth is also a civil engineer. She launched her career almost 20 years ago. With the birth of her first child though, she decided to be a stay home mom. Now, she is the senior contributor of this project. She teamed up with me in 2017. At first she edited, but now she keeps things running smoothly in every possible way including anything that might go wrong! But she’s mainly the driving force in making this blog even better. She has a great eye for what is needed to complete the ensemble. Because of her outspoken, bright personality, she also handles most of the social media and manages many of the preparations that go into the posts.

Velvet reading a magazine while lying on white linen

The Blog

At TE ESSE, we share our good times wherever we go, publish interviews, editorials, trend reports and reviews, setup beautiful tablescapes while having as many laughs possible along the way. Our pursuit is to transpire one’s appreciation for design and its values, while helping Te Esse’s readers in their decorating journey to design simple, stylish and, thoughtful interiors that empowers them to be the best they can be.

So home lovers get your inspiration on Design and Style along with free advice, lifestyle tips and hacks, an occasional music playlist and other interesting essays meant for inspiring laid-back reading in your leisure time under Lifestyle. As for those of you who aspire a better well-being then head to our Wellness and fitness motivation thread with short videos on our YouTube channel, from our fitness coach Ifiyenia Koskina.

At a time when everyone is in a rush, I like to use this little web space as a creative outlet where my values for a slow living, but a good one at that, prevail. I post about the things I like, inspire me and motivate me or give me food for thought and challenge me. I don’t post just for the sake of posting. Thus, it would thrill me to have you join us! Please, make sure you also check out our policies.

A ceramic jug with greenery on a tray as decor in the foreground and a sofa with pillow in the background.
Flatlay image of Velvet drinking tea and reading an interiors magazine.


Reach Out


We love to hear from you should you wish to share with us any ideas, thoughts, or concerns. Please feel free to write to Velvet and Elisabeth at info@te-esse.com. For more details see our Contact page.

Getting Social

You can follow our journey on YouTubeFacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram. Be sure to subscribe to stay in touch with us and be part of this like-minded community.

Press Awards

Over the years TE ESSE has won several distinctions and press awards. We were nominated three consecutive years for the prestigious Amara Interior Awards, shortlisted twice and picked as one of the top 50 decor blogs by Lawnstarter. Woo hoo!!

Nominated blog badge of the Amara Interior Blog Awards for 2020.
IBA19 shortlisted blog badge

Best Written Blog – International Category

Amara Interior Blog Awards Badge for Shortlisted Blog

Best Written Blog – International Category

The Golden Home Award badge from Lawstarter.com for the Top Home Decor Blog 2018.
Made it to the TOP 50!
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We are also proud for being selected just recently (in February 2019) among the ‘Top Interior Design Blogs That Rock The Web’.

The Conseiller en Decor bagde award.

Next, we were awarded the Consellier en Decor award!

Last but not least, we were selected as one of the “Best Interior Design Blogs: Top 100 Influencers You Need to Know If You Love Design”.

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