The Boot Trends for A/W 2019-2020

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It’s that time of year again to talk about the current boot trends. I have spotted the best looking boot trends that we’ll be enjoying this fall and winter. Ankle boots are undoubtedly the protagonists. However, you’ll see a line up of western styled all the way to knee high slouchy boots that suit everyone’s need for paring with that polka dot midi dress. So let’s take a peak… shall we?

A stylish woman standing on a pole near a beach in winter. Image via Monsoon.

Ankle boots have always been one of my favorite staples. Back in the 90’s I used to wear the laced up kind, which is very much back in trend again!! The difference between the 90’s and now is that there is a much wider choice when it comes to toes. Oh yes, nowadays boots come in square, round, or pointy toes. Square toes shout out comfort. Round toes are classic. While pointy toes tend to be the most formal kind.

A woman dressed in a black pattern dress and laced up ankle boots walking down the street. Image via Dorothy Perkins.
Dorothy Perkins.

Last year boot trends, had a lot to do with heels as the defining style element. However, now, it’s not so much about the heels but a mix of things. You see I have this really strong hunch that this new decade, that is starting to become visible in the horizon, is going to bring rise to a lot of “hybrid” elements.

This new tendency will certainly not go unnoticed and will effect both the design and fashion industries. Hence, our apparel will be affected too. So what’s in store? Perhaps Chelsea boots with a Western style appeal made of recycled polyester…don’t know for sure, but think of it as an educated guess!

A woman dressed in a coat and a black maxi dress wearing snake print ankle boots. Image via Debenhams.

For now, you’ll spot ankle boots with a Western like form and a snake skin print that apparently is having a big moment! (Croc skin too for that matter). Anyway, here we go with all the boot trends the high street brands have to offer:

A woman dressed in a rusty hue jumper, a midi flower pattern skirt and black combat boots. Image via Dorothy Perkins.
Dorothy Perkins.
A black ankle boot with two buckles. Image via Dune.
Two women dressed in polka dot outfits. One of them is wearing a black leather mini skirt and black ankle boots with buckles. The other is wearing knee high boots. Image via Dorothy Perkins.
Dorothy Perkins.
A beige suede slouch boot. Image via Dorothy Perkins.
Dorothy Perkins.
A woman dressed in a red coat, midi skirt, beige top and black ankle boots. Image via Marks&Spencer.
A laced up black ankle boot with a block heel. Image via Joe Browns.
Joe Browns.
A woman dressed in a casual outfit with denims and jumper wearing combat boots. Image via Matalan.
A snake skin ankle boot. Image by Marks&Spencer.
A pair of ankle boots with buckles. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Dorothy Perkins.
A woman dressed with a black jumper, a midi leopard print skirt. Image via New Look.
New Look.
A young woman dressed in denims, black top and snake skin ankle boots. Image via Miss Selfridge.
Miss Selfridge.
A snake print ankle boot. Image via Miss Selfridge.
Miss Selfridge.
A pair of Western inspired black ankle boots. Image via Oliver Bonas.
Oliver Bonas.
A woman dressed with a tan coat, denims and black laced ankle boots. Image via Next.
A Western black boot. Image via Office.
A white ankle boots. Image via Oasis stores.

Apart from the boot toes I mentioned earlier, there is another feature that begs for attention. That is buckles. A lot of them too! That gives boots a more dressy look to them. Moreover, it seems that if you wish to make a statement then, duck boots qualify best for that. Personally, I don’t fancy them, but if you care to have a look then I suggest you check out this post.

Two women in polka dot outfits one wearing western styled boots, the other sandals. Image via Topshop.

So in overall the boot trends I’m seeing this year make me think that a casual vibe is still the wanted feel, but in a more dressed-up version. Hope you find the right pair of boots…

Till later! XO

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