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I wanted to write a piece about the fashion trends of A/W 2019. So I set out to do my research as usual that typically involves among other things, looking through dozens of images. At first I didn’t think too much of it, but it soon became apparent that there are no real new trends on the horizon, just new styling interpretations! Again! I spotted the same trends over and over again, as the seasons before. And the seasons before that too.

A catwalk will models wearing black or yellow outfits during a fashion show.

So I began to dig a bit deeper and I found this interesting essay by Leandra Medine, from the ManRepeller, on the Trendlessness of the NYFW. As a matter of fact a couple of readers commented that this trendlessness is actually a trend itself! Anyway, although I don’t agree with a couple parts of this essay it does make some very valid points, especially about the relentless pursuit of glamour.

There was a moment in time when clothing made by the high end brands caused a huge stir, for designers went out of their way to create an illusive fantasy. Nowadays, I think the fashion industry is trying to find new paths and possibilities. Some of which aim to uphold sustainability.

The result is a more streamlined wardrobe that personally, I find joy in wearing as a uniform from season to season. It feels less pretentious and gives me the ability/flexibility to make it more whimsical with my accessory overload.

A woman dressed in a blue dress with a sheer overlay. Image via

Is the dream being lost in translation perhaps? What is the real focus I wonder…

Honestly, I believe that everyone has a very personal relationship with fashion and hence, fashion interpretation. The line between a fashion and fashionable is thus, blurry – at best and I’ll let it rest there, for now!

Is the dream being lost in translation perhaps?

Model in a black lace dress from Maison Garde walking down the catwalk. Image via uncommonstore. Photographer - Richard Smith.
Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane Photographer – Richard Smith. Uncommonstore

Inevitably, all the trendless trends are trickling down to the High Street stores. So to resolve any mystery over current fashion trends, I have to report that velvet is still in fashion after 4 straight years. (Or has it been longer)?! Polka dots and leopard prints are classic and timeless therefore, by all means go for them. The odd yellow is still on if you want to make a lasting impression. Big on volume sleeves, ruffles, sequins, shears, faux leather, faux fur, and puffed jackets are all in.

A woman in a black polka dot dress paired with black sandals. Image via M&Co.
A woman in an off-white faux fur coat, black pants and orange pumps. Image via Wallis.

I also spotted pajama like outfits. I even saw one such outfit in Zara! I’m not talking about the odd cami shirt, but the actual pajama. To be honest, after the initial split second of surprise I began to laugh. The idea of how many stares I would note if I wore that in this southern suburb of Athens I live was much too entertaining!!

Jokes aside, call me crazy, but I don’t think that I would ever wear such an outfit. Simply because it doesn’t do me. I would feel like playing someone else’s part and that’s not me! And neither should you. Especially now when you can celebrate being a white tee and blue jeans kind a gal. That is if you are one! 😉

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