Fall Fashion 2019 Ideas

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As we are heading for cooler days, I think it’s high time that you take a look at these fall fashion outlook ideas. They are surely a good kick-start for the upcoming season. So let’s begin…

A mini green print dress paired with a small handbag and ankle boots. Image by Topshop.
Topshop. Carrying a small handbag looks like the new upcoming fashion trend to look out for.

Here are some of the trends I’m seeing around. Tartan is very much still hanging on along with leopard and snake prints. Suits are still big. Same goes for trenches, but in a softer version.

Pleated skirts are going to be huge. You can pair them with a simple graphic tee or dress them up with a silk camisole. Whatever the case, they are great because they have a pattern, they have a flow and they are all about softness.

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A woman wearing a white tee over a maxi dark denim skirt along with some tan leather ballerina shoes. Image by Cotton Traders.
Cotton Traders. The perfect outfit for this in-between season.

Moreover, denims, velvet and cord are definitely ruling the fashion world. As for the colors, there are no surprises here. Green, more green and lots of rusty hues. Both can be paired with all your neutrals like white, grey, black, and khaki. So yes this would be a good time for you to wear that favorite white blazer of yours. 😉

Fall fashion ideas: A dark blue teal top over a pleat skirt paired with beige suede boots and a dark coat. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Dorothy Perkins
A grey tartan patterned suit paired with a white turtleneck. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Dorothy Perkins
Fall fashion ideas: I like this combo of a beige with a pattern around the neck knit over some loose straight dark blue shiny pants paired with a handbag of the same color and white trainers. Image by Marks&Spencer.
Blonde woman in a stylish long sleeve polka dot black dress. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Dorothy Perkins
A woman standing next to a dog wearing a classic knit and scarf over some denim pants and tan suede over the knee boots and a camel coat over it.
A stylish woman in a cord knot jumper over some rusty hue velvet pants paired with a leopard print hat. Image by Cotton Traders.
Cotton Traders
A woman sitting on a kitchen island wearing a leopard print dress paired with a black belt, black boots and a white blazer.
Cotton Traders
Fall fashion ideas: A woman in a rusty hue soft trench coat. Image by Girls on Film.
Girls on Film.

Now a thing that I have noticed lately a lot, is that all these outfits are no real groundbreaking fashion. However, the use of accessories and the actual styling of these outfits is what gives them that edginess. So re-inventing your wardrobe before hitting the stores is the most sound plan.

It seems like the styling concept of pairing high with low key pieces that I discussed a while ago (that instagram fashion influencers follow) is becoming the norm. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it! It actually becomes me because that way, my dressing feels more balanced. There’s no risk in over or under dressing for that matter.

So this is just a first go at the fashion fall trends… Be assured that more will follow!

Have a great weekend all, xo

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