Super Cool Teen Bedroom Ideas

Super Cool Teen Bedroom Ideas

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Being a teenager with those raging hormones is hard enough. Having a kiddo’s bedroom certainly doesn’t add on any cool factor value. Therefore, this calls for a bedroom makeover!! This post is dedicated to the transition phase of a kiddo’s bedroom to a super cool teenager’s room. Are any parents out there with teenage kids? Great! Trust me, don’t despair just read on and get inspired with these budget friendly ideas.

A beautiful teen's bedroom in a neutral color palette. Image by Cuckooland.

Image by Cuckooland.

When I was a teenager, I remember feeling that it is my time “to rule the world” but, at the same time no one understood me. No one got me. Obviously, that wasn’t the case, but it took a few years to get my act together. Eventually, I came to realize that one my biggest struggles was to find ways to express myself. And I think that’s the underlying issue parents have to address when it comes to their teenage children. I’m no expert to preach on this, but I was a teenager once like you and I think that we can all relate to those feelings in various degrees.

A teen's bedroom with some blue accents but white furniture. Image by Cuckooland.

Image by Cuckooland.

Now, a great way to lay the foundation for better communication means between parents and teenagers is a well designed teenage room. Seriously! The transition from a young child’s bedroom to a teen’s room and later to an adult’s is unavoidable. But it is a lot up to parents to make it a lot easier.

A white teen's bedroom with a white brick wall as a discreet accent. Image by Cuckooland.

Image by Cuckooland.

You see their room takes on a whole new meaning in those awkward early teen years. Their room is no longer a bedroom. It is more THE room – THEIR world – THEIR rules. And this becomes the time that they need it to reflect all the cool and unique attributes of theirs. Hence, this space has to become a lot more personal and I think it’s best to get them involved in this project early on.

After all this room makeover can be a fun process for all with a bit of humor and creativity. Thus, here’s a list of cool ideas of how to decorate a teen’s room, that won’t break the bank and will surely make this transitional period a lot more interesting. The key for a successful makeover of this sort is to balance youthful accents while giving the room a sophistication notch. Any decorative elements should be equally youthful and mature.

How to Redo a Teenager’s Bedroom:


Take the time with your child to go through all the toys and knickknacks that have accumulated over the years and figure out what’s a keeper. Donate and give away anything unwanted.

Add a headboard.

Add a headboard to the bed if it doesn’t already have one. It is important to give their bed a more mature look.

A red bean bag, a guitar and a bookcase filled with books are all things you should expect to see in a teen's bedroom. Image by Cuckooland.

Image by Cuckooland.

Two images by two decorative throw pillows with a print pattern. Images by Natural History Museum.

Images by Natural History Museum. Throw pillows – almost a necessity. On the left: Liberty London has collaborated with the Natural History Museum to create a gift range with an exclusive print inspired by Wildlife Photographer of the Year. On the right: a print designed for the Natural History Museum by artist Cressida Bell.

Add on versatile seating for guests.

A teenager’s bedroom should definitely include bright throw pillows and a bean bag. They will go a long way with both your child and his/her friends. Creating a hang out space for them is crucial. A hanging chair may also prove quite popular as long as the room is spacious enough.

Create an accent wall or a wall mural.

A mustard wall mural looking awesome in a contemporary bedroom. Image by Pixers.

Image by Pixers. Drybrushed | Wall mural. How cool is this personalized and printed on-demand and eco-friendly vinyl wall mural?

Wall paint is definitely an easy way to go about an accent wall. However, color blocking may prove even more favorable with teenagers. This is also a good time to consider adding a removable wallpaper. Many teens seem to find wallpapers with brick walls quite appealing. But believe me there are many more affordable options out there and when it comes to color a mustard tone, with an edgy and funky vibe, to it is something that any teenager can appreciate for its coolness!

Create a gallery with wall decor.

A contemporary setting with a white sofa, mustard accents, an art gallery wall with prints on a white brick accent wall besides a white bookcase. Image by Abstract House.

Image by Abstract House.

There are some fabulous art images and photographs that both adults and teens may equally fancy. I believe that good art images create an eye-opening experience and therefore, let your child select a few images that he/she likes and have them framed. I think that any teenager will appreciate that.

Add a world map as an interactive piece.

A chalkboard world map. Image by Animi Causa.

Image by Animi Causa.

Opt for a chalkboard world map that will engage your teenager. This is a piece that one will keep for years to come.

Add more elements of fun via decor.

On the left a red pocket holder hanging from a door knob that holds cell phones and keys. On the right a black shelf for laying the essentials i.e. glasses and cell phone shaped like superman. Images by Animi Causa.

Images by Animi Causa.

Images by Animi Causa for some interesting book ends featuring the black silhouettes of superwoman, superman or a couple running.

Images by Animi Causa.

A brass hand as a headphone stand on a bookshelf. Cool idea. Image by Animi Causa.

Image by Animi Causa. Now this headphone stand looks awesome for just about any space.

A mirror is a must, but a couple of decor elements that combine a little fun with a twist I think are in order. A cool headphone stand is always a great idea. But I also found these bookends perfect for a teenager’s room. They are a bit less than ordinary and can make some cool conversation starters among teenagers too. Remember teenagers like to act all grown up and all, therefore allowing for some “mature” decor is the way to acknowledge how much they have grown.

Add on some cool lighting.

A beautiful bedroom with a David Thubridge pendant lighting, lots of light wood accents. Image by David Thubridge.

Image by David Trubridge. In case you don’t know: David Trubridge is an award-winning New Zealand based designer and manufacturer of sustainable feature pendant lights. The beauty of his lights is their amazing shadows that can transform any space.

A close view of a double bed with two beautiful David Thubridge table lamps on either side of the bed.

Image by David Trubridge.

Last but not least, change the lighting fixtures. This is probably the most overlooked change, but it happens to be the most important. So, do replace any kiddo looking lights and add on a cool pendant light and/or table lamp on his/her nightstand. It will score big! Promise. 😉

And I think that covers it.

Hope you have a great weekend, xx



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