The Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Trends

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Of all the spring/summer 2019 fashion trends, there is one that is an absolute favorite of mine. It is the embracing of a loose, comfortable and feminine layering. Catwalk outfits have already been featured in so many magazines. Therefore, it’s time for a quick high street fashion edit filled with inspiration and tips in order to adapt the ones that fit best.

I love the outfit, a flowy soft print skirt paired with a black turtleneck and black waist belt. She's filled with confidence as she makes her way through the street crowds. Image by Next.
Image by Next


I think a major keyword to this new season’s trends is soft elegance. Almost everything exudes a relaxed vibe, but in a sophisticated kind of way. This comfortable tailoring that entails lots of layering sports longer skirt lengths, plenty of suits, throw-on dresses high on drama, stripes, animal prints (yes, leopard print still going strong) and pattern clashes. Part of the fashion game this spring/summer of 2019 is getting those pattern clashes right for it proves a sense of high fashion sensibility. Keeping also a sense of high and low key balance is also essential. (You may want to read more on this tip here).

A muted red pant suit is not a bad idea now that spring is coming as worn by this young woman. Image by Next.
Image by Next
She looks so fine in her mustard high waist pants, black top and plaid overcoat. She's paired them with some white kicks and off she goes. Image by Next.
Image by Next
That's an interesting spring dress with lots of different print clashes - florals, prints and polka dots all in one with green and blue hues predominantly. Image by Debenhams.
Image by Debenhams. Who says you can’t wear combat boots with a dress?!
A really wide jumpsuit with a very vivid print in green mostly is surely a head-turner. Image by Debenhams.
Image by Debenhams
A preppy look with a striped orange tee and a midi orange print skirt paired with white sneakers. Casual but sophisticated. Image by Debenhams.
Image by Debenhams. A preppy, sophisticated but casual outfit. Notice the pattern clash.
An off-white top with some broderie paired with some khaki high waist pants and leopard print shoes. Looking good! Image by Debenhams.
Image by Debenhams. Check out the top with hints of broderie – your next go-to element for understated femininity. By the way, leopard is still trending!!
A flower print dress with long sleeves and a high drama effect is definitely what you need this spring. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Image by Dorothy Perkins. Long sleeves add a bit of drama in this muted floral print dress.
A soft frilled maxi dress in off white with small black polka dots and a black belt around the waist looks so elegant. She's wearing it with black boots and an off white cardigan. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Image by Dorothy Perkins. Think soft and feminine and you’re almost there!
An off white loose boiler suit. Perfect for spring season. Image by Debenhams.
Image by Debenhams


The silhouettes are much more flowy. Thus, everything appears even softer and much more relaxed. A quick note to point out here is that although jumpsuits are still very trendy, boiler suits are even more so because they are so much wider and loose with the belt-up as an option. High waist pants that emphasize the waist line are still here, going strong. As for dresses, opt for soft fabrics will less frills but well structured. This season is all about showing off your feminine side.


The color spectrum is going to be wider than usual. Mustard and spice honey tones (including blush pinks and rusty hues) are still on the scene. But there’s a lot more yellow and red hues and the whole beige spectrum. Splashes of neon have and will be adopted by some of the bolder fashionistas. However, if you’re looking for a shade to invest in then go for sage green. Of course, white and khaki are the safe color options that anyone can turn to in case of doubt.

A beige pantsuit with golden kicks here looks very casual and sophisticated. Image by Debenhams.
Image by Debenhams
A rusty colored trench coat over a soft blush pink button down dress is always a good match. Image by Miss Selfridge.
Image by Miss Selfridge
A mustard yellow print dress with a mustard colored trench coat is looking awfully feminine. Image by Debenhams.
Image by Debenhams
Rusty hues are hot. Love those pants with a chevron pattern, the rusty hue jacket and fringed leather bag. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Image by Dorothy Perkins. Frills or fringes. A bit of both I would say. Frills for the frocks and fringes for the accessories.

So if you can only invest in one thing this upcoming season, then I urge you to go for the prairie dress with broderie for some drama. The long sleeves will definitely add that preppy look, but it’s all in the broderie anglaise that will give it that refined sophisticated feminine look everyone will be after.

A short white broderie dress is perfect for this summer season. Image by Miss Selfridge.
Image by Miss Selfridge

I hope this quick overview for the spring summer fashion trends proves to be handy. Of course, I will be keeping you with more up-to-date inspiration in future posts.

Hope you have a great week, xo

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