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January can be a pretty weird month, even without making any resolutions. Most of us are trying to get back to the norm routine as quickly as possible, in order to move forwards. Yet, when we take a look at our closet, things feel a bit stale, if you know what I mean. But no worries. I got this! It’s all matter of perspective. Therefore, if you’re in a bit of a style rut, the key is to figure out the pieces that will ease your wardrobe dressing into spring/summer 2019. Of course, keeping warm is still much of a priority. Thus, keep scrolling for some cold weather fashion inspiration.

That's a fantastic looking outfit - a forest green sage trench coat over dark pink sweater and red pants. She looks stunning in a simple way. Image by Next.
Image by Next

So, let’s take some notes on cold weather fashion style. First of all, trading the sequins for some stand-out prints is pretty much a given. If you have a sweater with such a print, great. If you don’t then look for a shawl instead. Personally I have a few shawls, some with a stunning print and you won’t believe how much of a difference they make when I wear them with a more than ordinary outfit. They upgrade the outfit in an instant and keep me warm! 😉

A black floral short dress paired with opaque black tights and ankle boots plus an ochre yellow shawl cardigan looks like a great idea even in the middle of winter. Image by Matalan.
Image by Matalan. A yellow shawl cardigan can brighten your day.
I love a great casual cold weather fashion outfit like that - a white textured sweater over of navy check flannel shirt, some distressed denims and knee high boots. So what if it's snowing?! Image by Matalan.
Image by Matalan
A red check shirt over black denims and a black beret hat oozes a bit of French style, doesn't it? Image by Matalan.
Image by Matalan

Then, there is layering and plenty of stripes and checks to last you a lifetime (sort of)! Therefore, don’t be afraid to clash prints. A fail-proof tip to remember in case you’re unsure of the result, is to put together an outfit where the pieces share at least one color. If you also happen to have an accessory in that shared color, add it on to make everything come together.

I love a striped shirt under a black and white top paired with black pants and white kicks. Image by Betty & Co.
Image by Betty & Co. Stripes: the go-to-print in every case !!
A clash of stripes. A white sweater with black horizontal stripes clashes against a long wrap green skirt with vertical white stripes. They're paired with some black ankle boots. Image by Miss Selfridge.
Image by Miss Selfridge. These clashing stripes here make you feel like it’s already spring!!
Cold weather fashion. A red check coat looks stunning with a white blouse under it and black pants over a very thin stripe print ankle boot. Image by Bonmarche.
Image by Bonmarche
I like this lighter in color version of a checker coat paired with a dark yellow turtleneck and some dark denims. Image by Matalan.
Image by Matalan
A woman dressed in camel and coffee colors always looks chic, just like her. Her print blouse spices it all up just a bit. Image by Next.
Image by Next

Coffee and caramel colors are surely winner colors for we’re in for a lot of beige fashion coming spring of 2019. Having said that, millennial pink is still here and so are colors like red and green. Therefore, why not pair a little red with a little green and some hot pink to make you feel alright?! Pairing pieces with from opposing color families can make a real difference sometimes.

My kind of cold weather fashion outfit. A dark blue jacket with some black fur paired together with a black and gold polka dot dress and combat boots.
Image by Debenhams | Nine by Savannah Miller.
A lovely print skirt paired with a casual dark top and color coordinated knee high boots always looks really feminine. Image by Pure Collection.
Image by Pure Collection. A soft pleat skirt with a floral pink and aubergine print looking casually feminine.

Casual party dresses and skirts can also be worn as long as you dress them down with i.e. a pair of sneakers or combat boots and an oversized coat. And let’s not forget the a-line skirt that always ensures a beautiful and feminine look that works all day any day.

A yellow shearling coat might be the best buy for this upcoming new cold weather fashion season. Image by Miss Selfridge.
Image by Miss Selfridge

Now, I know the budgets after Christmas are always tight but it sale season here in Greece. Therefore, if you do spare some money for a couple of good buys, then I recommend a light hue check coat or a shearling coat. Whichever feels more right to you. Also keep in mind that yellow and green are going to be huge this up-coming spring season. And it can look awfully fresh and modern when combined with white, therefore a yellow shearling coat could be your next buy.

A black leather jacket paired with a V sweater, black denims and white ankle boots. I like this cold weather fashion outfit. Image by Miss Selfridge.
Image by Miss Selfridge

Finally, you may want to consider switching your black ankle boots to white ones. It will strip away winter’s fatigue in a flash and add on a little rock edge to your cold weather fashion!

So there you have it! Hope you raid your wardrobe and try out new combinations for anything goes!! And if you need even more inspiration on winter outfits, then check out this.


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