Beautiful Christmas Decoration Ideas

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My 12 year old heart longs for that over the top Christmas quality in decorations. And I’m sure that goes for a whole lot of you too. It’s the time of year, where you can’t have enough low lights creating cozy vignettes that make you want to snuggle all day long. As such, I thought I treat you with some inspiring images from beautiful Christmas decorations where candles and fairy lights, wreaths and stars brighten a home and fill our hearts with magic.

I love a white Christmas village with a garland as decor on a fireplace mantel, but the beautiful wreaths above it are stealing all the glory. Image by Marks & Spencer.
Image by Marks & Spencer. Now one wreath maybe enough for most, but I don’t see the harm in having a gallery wall of wreaths, especially over a large fireplace! It looks quite fantastic if you ask me. By the way, notice the wabi-sabi styled garland!!

One thing is for sure. When it comes to Christmas spirit, it’s all about the lights with their soft glow. If you don’t lit your candles on a regular basis, then this is the time to take some action and lit them all up to feel the warmth. Candlelight creates the gentle glow, creating some of the softest shadows, making everything look more beautiful.

Of course, you can always top that with some fairy lights on a garland that you could place on a fireplace mantel or even stuff some inside your lanterns. Creating a clutter of lit lanterns by the entryway is surely a great idea for it creates a sense of a real warm welcome to your guests. All the while, wreaths add on their own design value to any space. Most of them have a very organic vibe to them and I think the fact that a wreath symbolizes growth and everlasting life due its circular shape, makes it a meaningful decor piece to have all year long.

Christmas decoration ideas

Another fireplace mantel with Christmas decorations that include candlesticks and two beautiful wreaths. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis. Although, this garland is styled to perfection over this fireplace, it all looks amazingly good. There’s texture, color cohesion, pattern and a balanced ensemble that you can’t help yourself but admire it.
A little wire star as decor upon a mantle along with a Christmas village and a holly berry branch. Image by Next.
Image by Next. And a more minimal approach to it!
So chic! A moody vignette with a star decor on the midnight blue wall, candlesticks and drinks standing by on the sideboard next to a contemporary table lamp. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis.
A dark and moody dining space, styled for a festive dinner and a Christmas tree in the background. Simply breathtaking. Image by Next.
Image by Next. Isn’t this inspiring? Dark paint walls with an accent art image that creates the illusion of something textured and organic at the same time and a dining table styled to perfection!
Two lanterns with fairy lights in them. Image by Marks & Spencer.
Image by Marks & Spencer. If you stuff your lanterns with fairy lights that happen to be the same kind, then why not try different kinds in each one of them, just like in this case?! However, if your lanterns are not the same, then opt for the same type of fairy lights.
A clutter of lanterns along a home staircase with all the candles lit. Image by Next.
Image by Next. A simple but always stunning way to create a festive mood is to create a clutter of lanterns, like on this staircase and lit the candles inside them.

Another wonderful idea is to create a wall hanging using fairy lights, Christmas cards and a few snowflakes (or pine cones for that matter) in between. I totally fell in love with this idea below… It’s so simple yet it has such an impact, especially because it has this vintage flair to it.

The strings with Christmas lights and Christmas cards hanging from them. What a wonderful decorating idea. Image by National Trust.
Image by National Trust.

Just before I go, allow me to suggest reading a dreamy Christmas table setting – a DIY table setting from Elisabeth. Now, isn’t this the most wonderful time of the year? I think it is, therefore it’s understandable to go a bit overdose on this spirit…


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