The Holiday Party Outfits for 2018-2019

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Party season is just about to begin. Can you think of a better time to literally dazzle?…Nope! Glitter is all around. So, in this post I want to share with you some of the most fab party outfit ideas for this coming season. Party and event invites may very soon start pouring, therefore time to gear up and get ready. 😉

Wearing a black pantsuit but dressing it up with accessories like in this case works quite well. But a black silver sequin dress looks also really glamorous, as long as you downplay with the accessories. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Image by Dorothy Perkins.

There’s a distinct optimism in the air and that is reflected in fashion just like everywhere else. Sequins, rainbow stripes and golden hues lend their attributes to this season’s festive mood. So if you have a bunch of events and parties lined up, then this the perfect time to dress up and shine. Leather or faux fur jackets are usually the best ways to keep warm and you do need to keep warm since fashionistas insist on setting the example by wearing high heel sandals.

So what if it’s close to zero degrees…Just a detail – they’ll argue! (Anyway, sometimes I even wonder about the things women do to look good, so I’m pretty sure it is beyond any man’s rationale, but let me not go there)! Back at the subject at hand – party outfit ideas. Statement earrings, red lips for you brightest smile, high heels and perhaps a small clutch is the remaining that you’ll need.

A black silk top combined with a goldish shiny skirt is not a bad combo like in this case. Her blonde hair helps too. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Image by Dorothy Perkins.
A gorgeous black party dress worn by Abbey Clancy. Image by Lipsy.
Image by Lipsy. Glam it up with this black dress…when the occasion calls for it.
I love this silver sequin kimono dress worn by a beautiful brunette. Image by Lipsy.
Image by Lipsy. If everyone else seems to go for bold, then go for silver. I loved this black silver sequin kimono dress.
A woman eating a burger in a very elegant party outfit. Image by Miss Selfridge.
Image by Miss Selfridge. ‘Cause a woman has to eat…!
Now that is a very chic dark burgundy velvet playsuit. Love it. Image by Oasis stores.
Image by Oasis. This dark burgundy velvet playsuit makes a great alternative to a dress. Keeping the hair adds a casual vibe to it.
Not sure about the white hat, but the white mini dress with silver sequins looks fab. Image by River Island.
Image by River Island. White and silver sequins are one of the most classic combinations that never fails.
The perfect striped sequin party dress as worn by a woman somewhere outdoors. Image by Sosandar.
Image by Sosandar. Rainbow stripe sequin dresses might be great, but this golden ombre sequin shift dress is the real deal!
Now this combination is calling my name!! A black leather jacket over a black silk spaghetti strap top paired with a burgundy long pleat skirt and black pumps! Wow! Venice cityscape appears in the background. Image by Sosandar.
Image by Sosandar. This is the perfect holiday party outfit in my book! It can be worn at any event without looking too much or too little. Just right.
Abbey Clancy wear a burgundy faux fur jacket over a burgundy dress looking smashing. Image by Lipsy.
Image by Lipsy. Abbey Clancy looking stunning! Now the reason I included this photo was that burgundy faux fur jacket.

I think these ten party outfit ideas are a great starting point for inspiration. Do stay tuned for more to come as always…


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