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I wonder how much time we all spent trying to figure out what to wear to work. All the more people resort to some sort of work uniform as a way to waste less time in the mornings while getting ready to work. Having a work uniform though, isn’t exactly a science. But it sure helps to have to some essentials and a lot of inspiration. Today, I will share with you some inspiring images I found that could make a work uniform a little less boring and much more stylish. Eventually I will build on these, keeping you to update as we go along from season to season. How about it?

I love this black dress with a white collar paired with leopard print booties. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Image by Dorothy Perkins. A preppy look that’s irresistible when paired with leopard print booties for a twist.
Now that is a cool print shirt paired with a black skirt. The colors of spiced honey, blue and white on that shirt really make a huge difference. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Image by Dorothy Perkins. Pencil skirts will always be a work uniform essential. But A-line skirts can also play up the game, especially a faux leather one combined with an interesting print shirt like this one.
A camel pant suit paired with a white turtleneck and camel pumps always looks so chic. Image by Wallis.
Image by Wallis. Camel is a great neutral solid color. Keeping those ankles bare is essential though.
A rusty colored dress with a black print paired with black suede boots is a very stylish work uniform option. Image by Wallis.
Image by Wallis. Not the typical leopard print, but that’s what makes it totally appropriate for work.
Now this is one of my favorite combos. A white shirt with a black sleeveless vested top and black wide leg pants. So stylish. Image by Matalan.
Image by Matalan. This is one of my favorite combos – a white shirt with a black outfit. Totally head over heels for this FWM By Fenn Wright Manson outfit.
A grey tartan pant suit makes such a great work uniform just like this one. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Image by Dorothy Perkins. A grey tartan pant suit that looks more edgy, making a gross understatement, because it’s paired with similar shoes.
A dark blue dress with polka dots is always a good idea just like this one worn by a blonde woman. Image by Oliver Bonas.
Image by Oliver Bonas. Now, polka dots is the print you can always rely on. They’re never boring or out of fashion. So, if you are a minimalist, then polka dots are a keeper.
I love this faux red wrap dress with a belt combined with leopard print shoes. Image by Sosandar.
Image by Sosandar. A faux wrap dress is another key piece that will never fail you. This red one would look great paired with a beige trench coat, wouldn’t it?!

Due to the fact that I work from home mostly, I don’t have to dress for an office like I once used to. That means that my work uniform is quite casual. A tailored blazer jacket over denim pants, like in the image below is pretty much my approach to my work uniform nowadays. As the days get colder though, I add on scarves and occasionally a hat.

A lovely suit jacket can really dress up an outfit such as this one made of a white tee, denim pants and black leather handbag. Image by Sosandar.
Image by Sosandar. A great suit jacket is an essential to a wardrobe, especially when building a work uniform.

All of the pieces, including the beige paint suit, suit jacket, and polka dot and wrap dresses could definitely do some of the hard work for you and become your next best essentials. What do you think? Do you have a work uniform and if so, do you have any essentials you’d like to share? You know I’d love to know…

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