Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for 2018-2019

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Hi there! December is almost here and I really wanted to know if there’s anyone of you excited for putting up a Christmas tree? Because, if there’s one thing I look forward during Christmas holiday that would be it! That’s right – I could skip the luncheons and dinners, but it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without the tree. And I’m quite traditional about it too – you know the red baubles against the green backdrop with the fairy lights and angel ornaments and all. But there are so many more options, that got me mesmerized, that I found it irresistible not to share with you some of these gorgeous Christmas tree decoration ideas. So if you are in need of some inspiration, you’re at the right place. I got this!

A stunning Christmas tree by a black steel staircase, beautifully decorated. Image by Amara.
Image by Amara. Rusty colored ornaments…NICE!

Every since I was a little girl, I loved decorating our Christmas tree. There was something magical about it. At some point I had a tiny little fake white tree that I decorated with blue and white ornaments. I loved it. While Elisabeth is into vintage decorations. Anyhow, gold is one of the most popular color themes during any Christmas and it surely highlight any Christmas tree perfectly. The tree below looks gorgeous because gold remains the protagonist despite the white and silver ornaments that have been added in. In every case, there are many more decorating ideas further below with different color themes.

A beautiful Christmas tree with gold ornaments by a white fireplace in a living room looking stunning. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis.

Now, this Christmas has a very Nordic vibe to it. As a matter of fact, the whole living room and its decor have a Scandi feel to it with plenty of organic elements like the timber logs in the fireplace and the two tables. Notice how the ornaments of the tree are all the same except of the color, large snowflakes strategically placed. They are white and gold – a bit of glamour yet not too much. Sounds familiar? For those of you who have been following for a while, will have read about Lagom and the Scandi principle in the art of living. Everything must be just enough.

A Christmas tree by a white fireplace, styled in a minimal way, but looking good. Image by Debenhams.
Image by Debenhams.

The next idea has a flair of sophistication due to its peacock colors – blue and teal paired with spiced honey and greens. You have to admit that it’s quite stunning even if the colors are not to your liking.

A very elegant dining space with blue and teal hues and with a similar color coordinated ornaments Christmas tree. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis.

If you’re bold enough and want to try out something a little less ordinary, then the rainbow stripe effect is the idea you’re looking for…

A Christmas tree decorated with lots of baubles in various colors forming a striped rainbow effect. Cool! Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis.
A stunning Christmas tree by a fireplace with copper toned ornaments. Image by Marks & Spencer.
Image by Marks & Spencer. Copper toned baubles paired with frosted white. Wow! Such a great alternative to gold…
A traditional looking Christmas tree with red and green ornaments besides a green velvet sofa. Love how all the presents are wrapped in red paper. Image by Marks & Spencer.
Image by Marks & Spencer. For the lovers of tradition like myself.
Now blush pink ornaments are not something I've seen before. But it looks great on the Christmas tree in this blush pink living room. Image by Wilco.
Image by Wilco. Blush pink may strike a little unusual for a Christmas tree ornament, but I definitely see the charm of it.
How beautiful. A Christmas tree with white ornaments next to a fireplace with white decor, stockings and a snowy looking garland. Just like Wonderland. Image by Amara.
Image by Amara. Just like a Wonderland…

And I saved one last idea for the lovers of minimalism… in case you felt overwhelmed and left out!

A really minimal Christmas tree made of bare branches with fairy lights. The pile of timber logs and rest of decor livens it all with a warm and cozy vibe. Image by Amara.
Image by Amara.

I hope I fired up your imagination with these awesome Christmas tree decoration ideas…

Stay tuned, xo

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