Best Home Office Inspiration

Best Home Office Inspiration

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Storing bills and documents and being able to check on emails can give anyone a headache and that calls for a desk (even the smallest of the kind) to feel that you’re on top of things, again! Otherwise, the risk of getting swamped is eminent. The amount of paper that piles up everyday is thankfully diminishing as the digital world has taken off some of that load. Even so, I always found it necessary to have a proper desk to manage my life and keep tabs on things. Hence, even before I began working at home I made myself a little corner in our open plan living space where my good old desk fitted right in. I don’t have the luxury of a spare room, but that would never stop me from having a desk at home and I guess that goes for a whole lot of other people, especially those that may be working from home too. So, here’s some image stimulation with regards to this little space that may in fact be a source of daily inspiration for getting the work done.

A white space with open shelving and a white desk. A moodboard on the wall insinuates that this must be the work office of some designer. Image by John Lewis.

Image by John Lewis. Now this is one home office space I would love to have, really bright with shelving units for all my samples and enough room on the wall for a moodboard!

I remember a time when desks used to be massive. They had tοo many drawers and took up too much space. Nowadays, things got lighter. Most desks have long legs, looking more airy and less drawers if any at all. They got smaller in size too, making it possible to fit them even in awkward spots, for space (or lack of it actually) is a real issue for most of us.

Shelving units appear to be the best partners to the “odd” desk for they can come in real handy, as long as they are kept tidy. Home office spaces, as tiny as they may be, should really stay clutter free and well organized, but a plant and a little decor will help it fuse in with the rest of the design scheme.

A Scandi inspired home office with a shelving unit by a window door. Image by John Lewis.

Image by John Lewis.

Gubi's BestLite BL1 Table Lamp atop a wooden desk with a black top in a muted color home office space. Image by

Image by Nest. I spot Gubi’s BestLite BL1 Table Lamp on this desk and it’s the perfect fit.

A small but surely tidy white desk with compartment slots for an organized look. Image by

Image by The elegant E15 NOTA bureau has some interesting slots for holding all the essential paper and writing material.

A contemporary stylish desk and chair next to a shelving unit. Love the green desk lamp that adds an element of fun. Image by Cuckooland.

Image by Cuckooland. An element of fun like this green desk lamp can give a real twist to a space.

This is one of my favorite style desk with a top board on two tripods. This one was designed by Achille Castiglioni for Zanotta. Image by

Image by Nest. A timeless classic, the Leonardo desk, from leading designer Achille Castiglioni for Zanotta.

A stylish contemporary office space with a white desk, chair and shelving units in the background against an almost black accent wall. Image by

Image by The String Works office furniture concept is the creation of designers Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström. It looks amazing if you have a spare room.

A big desk can provide more than one working stations just like in this space. Image by Argos.

Image by Argos. Sometimes a large desk can double for two working stations.

Ideally, I would love some shelving for all the samples that I collect for my clients just like in the first image. I wish! In my home instead, there’s some shelving in a wall insert behind my desk, but they’re stuffed with books. Every now and then I try to re-arrange things and move them around in great hopes to find a better placement for the samples that I find myself squeezing at the bottom shelves, in order to maintain a “clutter-free” first impression. Sometimes it works, but other times I fail at it miserably. In any case, this is my little space.

I have no moodboards (I know they’re quite common among designers, but I hardly ever work with them). I do however like having a lot of artwork all around. Art always inspires me. And in case some of you wonder, the lamp is vintage with a solid marble base – real heavy too. I love mix and match design schemes and my home is the epitomy of that approach.

Velvet's home office space, her desk and chair.

My home office space

I hope I gave you enough inspiration for today. I would love to know your thoughts on this, so do feel free to comment.

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