A Full Body, All Levels HIIT Workout

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Friday just rolled in! Good morning to you all! As promised, today’s post is part of our fitness motivation thread. Ifiyenia, has prepared a HIIT workout for us with a specific goal: to track our progress. The aim is to do the whole workout five times. So, it is like a challenge. Now, I can tell some of you may have just rolled your eyes, but seriously why not give it a go even if it’s just for one round. You never really know until you try and some of you may actually manage to repeat the workout and hit the five round mark. One thing is for sure – you’ll sweat! But, hey that’s a good thing. So, let’s get rid of this week’s tension buildup and go for it…


A pin graphic with the image of Ifiyenia lying on a yoga mat in her Pilates studio doing crunches.

I hope you enjoyed this HIIT workout. One thing is for sure. I know that I will feel a lot less guilt for feasting over this upcoming holiday season. 😉 In any case, should you feel the need for a metabolism booster workout, then this is just the right remedy.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend…xo

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Disclaimer: Any injury sustained from proper or improper use of this workout routine is solely the responsibility of the exerciser. We disclaim any liability from injury sustained from the use of this workout and suggest that you consult your professional healthcare provider before attempting any exercise or exercise program.

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