Three Chic Ways to Style a Faux Fur Coat

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Faux fur is having a hot fashion moment right now, but has never really my thing. I actually feel a little bad for having a black faux fur jacket just sitting about. But then again, I always held on to it every time I updated my wardrobe. From what I gather, a lot of other women share that odd, daunting feeling with me and since I do like to mix things up and try new ways, I gathered some images for more inspiration on faux fur. Next, I put together three chic ways to style a faux fur coat/jacket and guess what – I think I’ll actually start wearing it. So today’s post is about making this trend work for us for work or play!

Many celebrities have embraced the faux fur coat trend, following the anti-fur movement, like Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid. Obviously, faux fur jackets are still cozy and can be great in these colder days of winter. But it’s easy to have a bit like a “granny” look if not styled the right way. (Don’t get me wrong, there’s not wrong with granny but nothing wrong with dressing up-to-date either).

A white faux fur jacket with random black spots paired with a black outfit can look stylish and fun - just like this one. Image by JD Williams.
Image by JD Williams

Nowadays, faux fur coats must have a laid-back look and definitely a more minimal approach. Therefore, juxtapositions are the main tool to make this trend totally wearable and looking fine, even at work! For example, a leopard print coat looks amazing with a total black outfit (i.e. black faux leather leggings and black turtleneck). Likewise, a leopard print top looks fabulous when paired with a black faux fur coat.

A leopard top with red wide leg pants and a burgundy faux fur jacket surely make an eye catching fashion statement. Image by JD Williams.
Image by JD Williams
I love this color blocked shaggy faux fur jacket paired with navy blue denim pants and a green crossbody bag. Image by New Look.
Image by New Look


For starters, opt for a modern color. If pink is your color then go for it. Forest green and burgundy are some of my all time favorite hues that can’t fail you, so check them out. Needless to say that black is black. And last but not least, color blocking and patches in faux fur jackets are some interesting choices to look into.

I love this pink fur coat with a white top under it. So feminine. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Image by Dorothy Perkins

Right kind

Choose the right kind and right length. This is super important if you don’t want that over-the-top feeling. A fitted gilet looks best if streamlined. Don’t go for a cropped one in this case. When pairing a faux fur jacket, try to keep a balance with the tip Fashion Instagram influencers follow I shared with you about matching high and low key pieces.

Generally speaking, a faux fur coat is a high key piece. That’s why casual pieces like fitted denims, sneakers and casual tees create a fashion-forward juxtaposition. Puffier, textured faux fur jackets look great when dressing for fun. Layer them over a formal silk blouse or a pantsuit for a more stylish outcome. To avoid looking bulky, keep the rest of the outfit fitted.

An off white faux fur jacket is always a good idea, especially when paired with check wide leg pants and sneakers. Image by River Island.
Image by River Island


1. The Ugly Sneaker Combo Style

This is an easy going style for a casual weekend. The faux-fur jacket is the go-to statement piece. The fitted denim pants help sculpt the body, taking away the bulky volume the jacket may add.

A combo of a patched faux fur coat by New Look, black skinny jeans by Bonmarche and black ugly trainers by Dune.
Images (New Look, Bonmarche, Dune)


2. The Office Uniform Combo Style

Wearing a faux fur coat to work isn’t too difficult to pull off properly. For a chic office look, opt for similar hues to look professional. Color coordination is the key. Moreover, I would stay clear from shaggy oversized jackets. Tailored fitted ones jackets tend to look more refined and sophisticated. Thus, a sleeveless (rather long) black faux fur jacket may work equally well, especially combined with wide leg pants. Flat mules are another option to consider for shoes.

A color coordinated combo with a burgundy faux fur coat by Sosandar, a red check pattern pair of pants from River Island and cream stiletto heel boots by New Look.
Images by Sosandar, New Look and River Island


3. The Trendy Formal Outing Combo Style

Sometimes, we have an outing that calls for something a little more formal yet, we want to keep it trendy and edgy. This is probably the hardest style to pull off. I used on purpose a black pleat skirt which is classic piece, a statement color faux fur jacket that is shaggy and therefore, not too formal and a statement shoe with a snake print. The trick with this combo is that the jacket’s length is short – cropped. This allows for a sculptural look in an effortless way. The statement shoe simply adds a little pattern. The key to remember is to never ever go for a long coat with a pleat skirt.

Another combo with a statement orange faux fur jacket from Glamorous, a black satin pleat midi skirt from Primark and an open toe snake skin pattern boot from New Look.
Images by Glamorous, Primark and New Look


I hope these combinations shed some light, along with my tips, on how to style a faux fur coat or jacket. It’s not as difficult as I once thought once you get the hang of it. There are plenty of colors, sizes, and fits out there making it possible for everyone to find their style. So off you go…! Let me know how it works out for you.

Love, xo

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