The Basic At Home Glute Workout

The Basic At Home Glute Workout

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Hello everyone! It’s Monday, the beginning of a new, slighter colder week and a good time for our fitness motivation. Ifiyenia, our fitness coach has prepared a new workout with six moves that target the glute muscles. I think that’s one of the areas most women may struggle with for one reason or another. And although I myself are a beginner in the fitness world, I know that no miracles happen overnight. Therefore, it’s worth investing a little time (approximately eight minutes), a couple of times every week to exercise such specific target muscles, as opposed to panicking when summer comes around and doing too much in very little time. So this short workout that can be carried out at home with great ease, on a yoga mat. As such it will come handy for now and always. Note that Ifiyenia will built on this core routine in the near future with more exercises that will deliver the best of results, but for now I better get started on this… 😉

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Did you feel the burn??! Well, I sure did!

Take care now, xx

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Disclaimer: Any injury sustained from proper or improper use of this workout routine is solely the responsibility of the exerciser. We disclaim any liability from injury sustained from the use of this workout and suggest that you consult your professional healthcare provider before attempting any exercise or exercise program.

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  • I’ll definitely be saving this for one of those days when I can’t make it to the gym for whatever reason. With these Indiana winters you never know when we’ll get 12 inches of snow overnight or something, and I’m not too keen on risking my life just to go to the gym. I’ll just do this instead 😉

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