Halloween Decor and Party Ideas To Spook Everyone Away

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Trick or Treat? Give me something good to eat… Halloween and its customs, including Halloween decor, mostly practiced in the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland and Mexico, are slowly becoming known to other countries too, including Greece. Of course, it won’t be anytime soon that kids here in Greece will dress in skeleton costumes and go trick-or-treating, but even so I still found a few ideas I loved to get anyone in the mood for decorating for this occasion and/or throwing a party for this fun holiday.

SPOOKY! A scary entrance to a home, decorated for Halloween. Image by Sainsburys.
Image by Sainsbury’s Home.

But before I move on, I have a little confession to make. I didn’t know anything about Halloween and its craze until I was in 7th grade. It was a big cultural shock for me and even after all these years, I still kind of get creepy over it sometimes. Obviously though, I saw the fun side of it too, and that’s what I will attempt to show all of you in this post here today. So, what makes this post any different from all the others flooding the web? Well, I included a couple of home decor pieces that you will want to hold on to all year long for many years to come… because if anything, Halloween is great for highlighting your really dark side too! Therefore, you might as well make it worthwhile…

Every special occasion needs a little decor to set the mood, lots of food and sweets to go around, and plenty of imagination to pull it all together. Guests are bound to have fun as long as everyone is in good spirits. In this case bad spirits are welcome too! The aim is to get everyone spooked, to create a bit of a rush and that shouldn’t be too hard with a few goblins, crows, broom sticks, spiders, skeletons and lots of pumpkins – the most essential decor for a spooky ambiance. But since it is a lot about party festivities, biscuits, cakes, pies and tons of candy are also a must for kids and adults alike. And if you go this far, you might as well dress up too!

Halloween Home Decor

Creepy! This home interior is well decorated for Halloween that it gives you the creeps. Image by Sainsbury's Home.
Image by Sainsbury’s Home.
A bar cart in a vignette now looks spooky with all that Halloween decor. Image by Sainsbury's Home.
Image by Sainsbury’s Home.
A sideboard decorated for Halloween looking sophisticated but a little spooky too. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis.
My kind of Halloween decor. Sleek and sophisticated on a marble top table. A black branch tree, a pumpkin and a silver skull. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis.
A wreath, a drinking glass shaped like a skull, a crow and orange gold baubles make some great Halloween decor. Images by John Lewis.
Images by John Lewis. Awesome Halloween decor.
A silver skull, balloons, a broom stick and a black cage with a crow are Halloween essentials. Images by George Home.
Images by George Home.
A TRICK OR TREAT garland. Image by Getting Personal.
Image by Getting Personal. Don’t forget the garland. 😉
A white little goblin decor with lights. Image by Primark.
Image by Primark. Now that’s a friendly looking goblin that I wouldn’t mind putting up myself on my desk’s corner.

Now in case, you love your dark side and want to highlight it all year long, then these two pieces are keepers. On a more serious note, these designer pieces can add inky stains to any contemporary interior. Obviously, I don’t think anyone would actually buy them just for Halloween, but if one does own them then it can become a lot easier to include them in a Halloween’s home dress up.

A black pendant light made of many black arms looking like a spider. Image by Nest.
Image by Nest. This spider looking suspension light known as the Dear Ingo Suspension Light was designed by Ron Gilad for Moooi. Its name is an act of recognition to lighting designer Ingo Maurer.
A black chair. Image by Nest.
Image by Nest. Now believe it or not, this is the Monster Armchair. No kidding! It is available with plain leather upholstery or with an embroidered monster face in the back of the seat. It has fire retardant synthetic leather upholstery and a steel frame – making this a hard wearing design suitable for all areas of the home. Cool, huh?!


Candies please

There’s no party without food and candy, now is there? And I’m talking about a lot of candy.

Lots of Halloween sweets and candy as decor on a table. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis.
Yummy! These biscuits for Halloween look delicious. Image by Biscuiteers Baking.
Image by Biscuitseers Baking.
Two biscuits for Halloween. A skeleton on the left and a ginger breadman with bandages on the right. Image by Biscuiteers.
Images by Biscuiteers Baking.


Dressing up!

Everyone can dress up, right?! Some may go all the way to become unrecognizable. Others might add a few accessories just to spice up their outfit. But a few or many (depends) may step up the game with some make-up to provoke a big scare. I think that really makes a huge difference and one can get really creative with it. I don’t think it’s as easy to remove, but every once in a while might be a good idea. The bottom line is that a haunted house with zombies that wear no make up just doesn’t cut it.

Scary! A woman's painted face for Halloween like a scull looks creepy... Image by Wilco.
Image by Wilco. Get yourself a Halloween make up kit for a more professional scary look.
How cute! A toddler in a pumpkin costume on the left. The cutout of the costume on the right. Image by Primark.
Images by Primark UK. How cute are these?
A monster costume for a toddler and a ballerina skeleton costume for a young girl on the right. Images by TU.
Images by TU. For a little monster on the left and a ballerina on the right.
Cheeky! A blonde beautiful woman dressed for Halloween in a black satin slip dress, ankle booties and a head band with cat's ears. Image by Miss Selfridge.
Image by Miss Selfridge. Not everyone has to dress like a skeleton. Someone has to be the temptress.
A woman dressed for Halloween with a black tee, a black mini skirt and red booties. Image by Miss Selfridge.
Image by Miss Selfridge.


I hope I got your imagination fired up. Obviously, Halloween wasn’t always such a commercial holiday as it is today. However, it is surely quite different from other holidays mainly due to the fact that Halloween is the one holiday that can cause stress. Seriously! For some it’s only a positive stress due to excitement, for others a negative one because of worry or fear. Some people love it for the dress up, others for the thrill of a scare. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy it! (BTW: You may want to pin this below for future reference).

A pin graphic that reads Halloween Decor and Party Ideas to Spook Everyone Away. Image insert by John Lewis. A table with lots of Halloween candies and decor with a black background wall.

Take good care now, xx

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  • Some great Halloween inspiration. I love the spider ceiling light but I think you need a big room for that. Those cookies are so cute and would make a perfect treat! Happy Halloween for tomorrow!

    • Thank you Claire. I think you’re right about the spider ceiling light. Happy Halloween to you and your loved ones! xx

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