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Well hello there! Is it that time of the year again? Oh yes, I believe so! Just a few days ago, Benjamin Moore announced their color of the year 2019: Metropolitan AF-690. Paint colors of this sort are quite a treat for most – a neutral paint color at last, where designers don’t have to go to any length to convince anyone about its attributes! Benjamin Moore after two consecutive years of opting deep, saturated hues (Caliente for 2018 and Shadow for 2017), made a well calculated move to go for a subtle, well composed light grey.

This is a living room that looks well lived in, with high ceilings, light grey walls, large windows, a soft blush pink sofa, an accent armchair and an area rug to complement everything under a set of coffee tables. Image by Nest.
Image by

To be honest though, at first I was a little disappointed, because it is more of an off-white hue if you ask me. I felt that there’s no real punch to it. I would have preferred another neutral color like beige, a bit bolder and more earthly than a grey. Of course, Carven Clay, the respective Sherwin Williams color of the year 2019, might be too saturated for many, yet it embodies an aesthetic that I find myself more drawn to nowadays.

A graphic with Benjamin Moore's Metropolitan AF 690 color of the year 2019 in the center.
Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan AF-690 in the center.

Nonetheless, I have to admit that the more I gaze at this Metropolitan hue, the more I appreciate it. It is definitely easy to manipulate. It suits just about any lifestyle and interior styling, acting like a neutral backdrop. It is comforting, soothing, with an understated elegance hence, it brings out a delicate softness therefore, I thought it was only fair to look up for images with similar grey toned room interiors to share with you as inspiration. The images I’ve selected have been sourced from various brands that are not in the business of promoting this new color, but the point is that they do show clearly how an off-white or light grey hue works in a space.

I love this velvet upholstered armchair by the fireplace. What a cozy vignette without looking rustic. Image by JD Williams Home.
Image by Home Essentials. Despite the sheeprug and patterned cushion with a bohemian flair to it on the velvet armchair, there’s isn’t anything rustic about this vignette. It has an understated elegance, wouldn’t you say?

A grey hue like this Metropolitan by Benjamin Moore, can’t go wrong. It’s easy going and it goes well with almost any wood tone, making it ideal for anyone who doesn’t feel too confident with color coordinating. Now, a tip to remember is that when in doubt, adding linen textiles is a super easy way to fuse everything together and make it look seamless! 😉

A seegrass basket with blue and white pom poms, a mustard throw and a magazine standing besides a cane stool. I love the light grey color of the hardwood flooring. Image by Rex London.
Image by Rex London. Bring on the organic vibes! A little bohemian touch here and there always makes wonders.
I love the organic vibe of this white sideboard with its decor and wall hangings on a light grey wall. Image by Cuckooland.
Image by Cuckooland.

Due to the fact that grays are neutral shades, they can easily pair with either soft and/or bolder hues, depending on the desired outcome. The choices are endless. Moreover, since all the more people are opting for a more organic vibe with lots of wood, dried flowers and textured textiles, it makes sense to favor paint colors that compliment those elements well.

A graphic with color samples I picked from Benjamin Moore that go well with Metropolitan.
In this graphic, I put most of the colors that I liked from Benjamin Moore’s suggested color palette and voila! If you look at all the images you’ll notice that inky stains, blush pinks, organic hues like Kona AF-165 and blues are indeed some of the best color pairings. But besides that, you can step up the game by using this Metropolitan AF-690 color as a base and create color blocking with the other color pairs. This neutral gray totally inspires me to do that. (Perhaps in a future project ;)).
A mid century sideboard with decor against a light grey wall. Love the giraffe figurine next to the table lamp. Image by Matalan.
Image by Matalan.
A contemporary grey bedroom that looks so calm. A few inky accents like the night lamp and throw on the bed liven it up. Image by Christy.
Image by Christy.

Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan gray creates a sense of balance without the slightest effort, unlike its rival rusty color Carven Clay by Sherwin Williams that can create a feeling of uneasiness if not curated with care. More thought has to be put in when styling with such saturated colors. (Therefore, if you need some inspiration on this color, then this here should really help).

I have a soft spot for deep saturated colors, and this terracotta accent wall with those table lamps and color coordinated drapes and forest green pillows on the armchair are no exception. Love. Image by Harvey Norman.
Image by Harvey Norman. A terracotta hue that resembles Carven Clay.

In any case, one similarity that I see distinctly between both of these paint colors is that they have a sophisticated 70’s vibe to them. They both have a worldly, down to earth appeal to them that ultimately translates in spaces that will embrace and highlight each in their own ways all the decor elements you choose to go for.

Obviously, no one really changes their wall color all that often. Trends do come and go as the seasons do. However, if you’re thinking of repainting, then both are equally good candidates. It’s really up to you to decide what you’re most comfortable with.

Take good care now, xo

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