A Night to Remember :: The Amara Interior Blog Awards 2018

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Last Thursday, Elisabeth and I attended the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2018 ceremony. It was a night to remember for many different reasons. For starters, the event took place in London, a city that we used to call home once when we were students, a long time ago, but nonetheless a home away from home. The actual venue itself was a beautiful building with some great architectural features. (I always notice things like that, Elisabeth sometimes). It was also lit with some amazing lighting effects and had some beautiful flower arrangements that added on glamour and drop-dead elegance.

Elisabeth and Velvet at Marylebone One in London for the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2018.
Photo Credit: Clément Lauchard
Instagram: @clementlauchardphotography. (Image was downsized).

More importantly though, it was filled with lots of smiley people sipping Prosecco at first and gin later (after the awards), buzzing away with their latest news. Obviously, our host Michelle Ogundehin, former editor of Elle Decoration Magazine who was quite amazing at presenting the finalists and winners helped break the ice, because although we felt strangers among not so strangers (this was our first time in a bloggers’ event) we knew that we all shared a common passion – interior design.

It is this passion that got us blogging in the first place, with no other expectation other than to get our creative juices flowing and give voice to our passion. And now, four years later since this blog was first setup (including the first two idle years), it is this passion that got us to the shortlist of the International Category for Best Written Blog. Wow! It’s been a life-changing journey where our patience, hard work and perseverance against all odds paid off with this recognition. Therefore, this night was a real special treat that we shall always treasure, for not everyone is lucky enough to get recognition for any single achievement he/she may deserve.

Two images of Marylebone One venue for the Amara Interior Blog Awards.
Marylebone One, London.
Three images of the inside of Marylebone One venue for the Amara Interior Blog Awards.
On the left, just before we enter the big hall for the winners’ announcement.
Two images, one of the entrance at the Marylebone One venue and the other of Elisabeth inside the venue with a pendant crystal chandelier behind her.
Three images of Velvet and Elisabeth at the Amara Interior Blog Awards ceremony, inside the Marylebone venue.
Martina Pardo, a regular contributor at Italianbark in between Elisabeth and Velvet.
Photo Credit: Clément Lauchard Instagram: @clementlauchardphotography. (Image was downsized).
Martina Pardo, a regular contributor at Italianbark in between Elisabeth and Velvet.

Big cheers to all of you!!!


Velvet & Elisabeth

  • Mary Middleton | hello peagreen November 4, 2018 at 12:44 pm

    Wish I had been there to meet you! The biggest congratulations on being shortlisted you really do deserve it. The Amara team really know how to throw a party and its such a glamorous evening. Hopefully, we’ll meet at another event soon.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Massive congratulations on your well deserved award winning achievement are in order. It would have been real nice to get to know each other, perhaps in due time. Till then I will be following you for some amazing inspiration from you…

  • Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and such a shame we didn’t meet that night. Huge congratulations for being shortlisted for such an amazing category. Best written blog is such a huge compliment! I’ve been a bit out of the loop for the past few (*ahem…5) years but now that I have discovered your blog I will definitive be reading and commenting regularly.

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