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One of the ever trending patterns is tartan. At times its popularity is greater than others and this fall is such a time. Tartan prints, plaids and checks will be found everywhere from fashion apparel to home decor. They will join their forces with denims, and a faux fur to create patchworks. Solid colors, tartan layers and textures will be create an interesting collage of juxtapositions, western re-interpretations, and Celtic romance. Loose figure fits will create a more casual vibe while tartan blanket scarves promise to keep us warm this winter. Therefore, I think it’s time to have a peak at this Fall’s Tartan Lookbook for more inspiration with the most wearable ways to wear tartan prints this winter.

A stylish young woman wears a mini tartan print skirt with a dark blue sweater and a rusty colored faux teddy coat as she walks down the street. Image by Miss Selfridge.
Image by Miss Selfridge.

Designers and brands have included tartans and plaids in their collections making it a must have for the fashion conscious. It is a classic winner print with many variations to suit everyone. For yet another season, mixing patterns and textures is the “it” thing to do. But what makes the difference is the approach – the attitude. How you go about it… The aim is to deconstruct (in a constructive way)!! Ochre yellow, greens and crimsons tops or coats are the solids to help you do just that. Fluffs, oversized stripes and mismatching patterns combined with denims for balance is another step in the right direction.

A love the wide leg denim pants paired with a check top and a plaid coat. Lifestyle image by Miss Selfridge.
Image by Miss Selfridge.
A stylish woman dressed with a casual long tartan blue and green print dress. A solid colored dark coat is just the right fit. Image by Marks and Spencer.
Image by Marks & Spencer. Celtic romance inspiration. Blue and green tartans create the right backdrop for this fall season.
The tartan coat is probably the hottest new staple to buy this fall. A beautiful woman wears it casually over grey plaid pants and an ochre pullover. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Image by Dorothy Perkins. A plaid coat is probably the most trendy addition to a wardrobe this fall.
I love this not typical check pattern of this grey sweater a stylish young woman wears in an old train car. Image by Betty & Co.
Image by Betty & Co. The unusual check pattern of this sweater got my attention.
A colorful striped oversized sweater paired with a red and green tartan pair of pants. An unusual combo for a stylish outfit worn by a woman. Image by New Look.
Image by New Look.

Obviously it’s been always fine to wearing matching plaids like a blazer with pants or skirt. It makes a great work-wear uniform. However, it’s also fine to mix tartans, with plaids and checks for a more edgy look that will make heads turn, as long as you use some solid colors to bring a sense of balance.

A close up of a woman wearing a check textured blazer and a plaid coat over it. Mixing is the way to go. Image by River Island.
Image by River Island.
A stylish woman holding a striped bag wears a plaid gray blazer, gray tee and a plaid red skirt. Image by Littlewoods.
Image by Littlewoods.
Love these plaid grey pants paired with this soft looking grey sweater worn by a beautiful woman. Image by Pure Collection.
Image by Pure Collection.
A red plaid coat over a plaid dress. A funky combo worn by a brunette woman. Lifestyle image by Debenhams.
Image by Debenhams.
Love the combination. A woman walking in the streets wearing a red sweater with a pair of black check pants. A lifestyle image by Pure Collection.
Image by Pure Collection.
A grey plaid blazer is always a good idea, especially when paired with a white shirt and black pants as worn by this beautiful woman. A lifestyle image by Pure Collection.
Image by Pure Collection.
A great uniform for work: A pink top with a plaid grey skirt as worn by this blonde woman down the street. A lifestyle image by Dorothy Perkins.
Image by Dorothy Perkins. A plaid skirt with a solid color top is always a good pair for workwear.

What’s your take on tartans? Are you going to wear it? Katie Holmes, Emma Watson and Sarah Jessica Parker sure did. Let me know!

Keep smiling and rocking, xo

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