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One of the best times of the year, my summer holidays, are finally here! Oh yes! The majority of the people in Greece take their summer holiday in August and if I’m not mistaken that goes for a lot of people in the Mediterranean basin too. It is a time to put aside all pending tasks, stop worrying endlessly about all things at work, and spend precious moments with family and friends. Here are my summer holiday goals…

A woman sitting by the edge of a pool with her feet inside the water and a portable light besides her after sunset hours creating a soothing ambiance. Image by
Image by | The Pablo UMA Sound Lantern.

This is the best time to reflect on everything that really matters and make the most out of these two weeks I’m taking off. My to-do-list is quite short. As a matter of fact, it is shorter than ever before – just three things:

Summer holiday goals

I’m in the mood for “me” love!

I want to show myself a little more love. I want to pace myself anew and make more “me” time; time to see old friends for some casual chit chat, time to make new ones, time to have a regular workout, and definitely more time to pamper “me.” If I love me a little better, then I’m sure I’ll be able to return some of that love back to others, especially my loved ones.

Partial view of a blue and white outdoor dining setup, styled beautifully. Image by House of Fraser.
Image by House of Fraser from the Seafare Dining Collection.

I’m in the mood for fun!

I want to do more spontaneous. I want to remind myself that I’m still very young at heart to worry constantly about everything. I want to be more fun for myself, my hubby and my children who miss me during the long working days week in, week out.

Three Skargaarden Haringe Sun Loungers by the pool viewed from atop. Image by Houseology.
Image by Houseology. The Skargaarden Haringe Sun Loungers.


I’m in the mood to bring the best out of me!

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to re-invent myself, but I’m certainly in the mood to discover new possibilities and go after all the things that make me happy; all the things that bring me that longed peace of mind that I went for something I thought I couldn’t do but did it anyway, just like with this blog.

It started out as a little side-project with very little expectations and not a clue how to go about it. I didn’t even have a clear vision at the beginning. It was an idea that is still being molded even now as I type these lines and various ideas are flooding my head every night.

One thing is for sure. I found myself lost, in unknown territories yet, I tried not to drown, learn as fast as I could and worked real hard to make it better, so that it represents the best of me. I continually want to improve it and add on to it. And you guys are giving me the strongest motivation to do so.

As a matter of fact, about a couple of weeks ago, I was informed that this “new” blog of mine, in this little corner of this vast cyber-space was nominated for the prestigious Amara Interior Design Awards as the best written interior design blog!! Unbelievable, right?! I was speechless, but then again this nomination made me realize that this blog has come a long way.

I have come a long way too. I learned an awful lot and I broadened my comfort zones without a doubt. None of this would have happened though if I didn’t have your support. Thus, I owe this honor to you. I’m humbled by it and at the same time it urges me to set new goals.

A large decked veranda overlooking the sea with an outdoor dining setup looks amazing. Image by
Image by The Landi Chair is a classic by Hans Coray and it established the new typology of a three-dimensionally moulded seat shell on a separate base.

Hence, I’ll take my two week break starting today. (Follow me on Instagram for some Greek island inspiration). In case you’re also visiting the Greek islands then, here’s my guide to packing for the Greek islands. Be sure to check it out, if you don’t want to have that tourist look.

When I return, I will be sharing with you all the things that inspire me and I will also let you know how and where you can vote to support this blog to make it to the shortlist.

Till then, let me know if you have any summer holiday goals; seize each moment and spread the love, XO

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