Summer Mood :: Rattan Chairs

Summer Mood :: Rattan Chairs

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In the summertime when the living is easy…

Love this idea! A rattan rocking chair as an accent that looks so elegant in a grey minimal living space. Image by Amara.

Image by Amara (via). Now that is a Bloomingville – Orinoco rocking chair I would love to add in my bedroom if I could fit it somewhere… perhaps I should consider removing my chest of drawers and giveaway half of clothes! lol!

When we think of summer, we tend to visualize a beach, cocktail drinks, hammocks and lots of rattan wicker. And that’s one thing that we could all use in our homes, both indoors and outdoors. Rattan furniture are back and trending and with the right styling they can look incredibly elegant, with an organic beach vibe, adding a textured punch to our spaces. But today, I’m focusing on the timeless charm of rattan chairs that add warmth and a natural element to our interior decor. Furthermore, they can act as a casual stylish accent chair in any space and should not be confined to the patio only. They are affordable and durable and that makes them even more appealing. And if any of you argue that they look out-dated, then I urge you to look at my favorite finds below because I think that is far from the case! They are a fabulous addition in an interior for an effortless looking design statement.

A Lene Bjerre Netta Dining Chair in black rattan in front of a black contemporary vignette. Image by Houseology.

Image by Houseology (Lene Bjerre Netta Dining Chair at GBP 122,00). Because rattan can also be black and have an edgy look.

A curvy rattan chair. Image by Amara.

Image by Amara (via). The Broste Copenhagen Frida Rattan Chair.

A armless rattan chair. Image by Amara.

Image by Amara (via). The Broste Copenhagen – Rotin Rattan Chair.

A curvy rattan chair. Image by Amara.

Image by Amara (via). The Broste Copenhagen – Martha Rattan Chair GBP 175,00.

A curvy rattan chair with a black seat cushion. Image by Amara.

Image by Amara (via). Definitely one of my favorite two – the Pols Potten – Tokyo Chair.

How cute! A black puppy lying on a white sheep rug laid on a round rattan chairs.

Image by Cuckooland (via).

A round shaped rattan chairs. Image by Cuckooland.

Image by Cuckooland.

A rattan chair in a patio with lots of greenery around, looking casually stylish. Image by Cuckooland.

Image by Cuckooland (via).

A stylish rattan chair with a white seat cushion.

Image by Cuckooland (via). Samira woven rattan armchair GBP 295,00.

A laid back looking rattan chair. Image by Cuckooland.

Image by Cuckooland (GBP 395.00). The smooth curves of the Akit Rattan Armchair look good enough to sink into now don’t they?!


Hope you enjoyed the inspiration. Do stay tuned for our summer giveaway! YAY!!! More on that later this week…




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