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Is there a girl out there that doesn’t believe in the power of accessories?… Nope! I didn’t think so. Even I, who is not into too much of anything, with a plain Jane attitude if you know what I mean, believe that accessories contribute in an outfit and when selected carefully, they can seriously complement the wearer’s look and style in a big way. Therefore, even if your mantra is ‘less is more’ then, here’s a roundup of affordable summer accessories that can help you look like an “it” girl effortlessly. Aha, got your attention didn’t I?!

Summer Accessories for "It" Girls reads this Pinterest graphic with the image of a woman's rear dressed in a blue shirt dress and a round straw bag.
Original photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash.
Three photo shots. A stylish model dressed in either white or black, showing off her gold jewelry. All images by Accessorize.
All images by Accessorize. Z limited jewelry collection.

Bags, hats, belts, shoes, jewelry all constitute accessories that basically style every outfit! So, this summer it’s all about straw bags that are continuing their trend streak with their bohemian flair. They add a sense of retro, casual “Bardot” style to both a city and a beach outfit alike. Although I’m not a fan of straw bags, because I don’t really like their practicality as much as their looks, I do like straw hats. They protect both our hair and skin and make a great stylish accessory. They are versatile and easy to wear all day long. Then there are statement earrings and big gold hoops that are still going strong. Slider sandals with pom poms, bows or bows are also center stage.

A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories. – Oscar de la Renta

A straw bag with a pink handle and fastening foldup. Perfect for a city outing. Image by Dune.
Image by Dune London (GBP 75.00). Ideal for a city outing.
A color blocked beige and black straw bag with a round handle. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Image by Dorothy Perkins (GBP 25.00). Perfect for anywhere – even as home decor!
A white straw hat with its logo Guess on it. Image by GUESS.
Image by Guess.
A slider with the red and white striped bow on it. Image by Glamorous.
Image by Glamorous (GBP 35.00).
A straw hat with a black band and Summer haze written on it. Image by Accessorize.
Image by Accessorize (EUR 29.90).
Wow! Two beautiful women dressed in swimsuits with lots of accessories and a gorgeous sunset in the background. Image by Accessorize.
Image by Accessorize.
Just love her beach outfit. Blonde woman on a swing with a turquoise sea in the background, wearing a shirt dress, a straw bag, mirror sunshades and lots of bracelets on her wrist. Image by Accessorize.
Image by Accessorize.
Two pairs of slider sandals. Images by Accessorize.
Images by Accessorize (left sandal: EUR 45.90, right sandal with cross strap: EUR 45.00)
A white straw bag on the left with red stripes and a block heel sandal on the right. Both images by Bimba Y Lola.
Images by Bimba Y Lola (bag: GBP 205.00, sandal GBP 145.00). A nice looking straw bag for a stroll in the city with a nautical flair.
A black necklace on the left and a red bracelet on the right. Both images by Bimba Y Lola.
Images by Bimba Y Lola. You can never go wrong with a black necklace or a coral looking bracelet.
A white shopper's bag on the left. A rectangular cross body rattan bag on the right. Both images by Topshop.
Both images by Topshop (on the right:22.00, on the left: GBP 32.00)
On the left hoops with blue pom poms. On the right yellow string hoops. Both images by Accessorize.
Images by Accessorize. (Mini pom hoops on the left: EUR 9.90, thread wrap hide hoops on the right: EUR 8.90).
Two stylish women by a silver camper dressed in summer outfits with plenty of accessories. Image by Accessorize.
Image by Accessorize.

Now the best part about summer accessories is that you can create a million different looks. Top it up with the fact that sales are on, where does that leave us?! With plenty of choices out there to choose from that will certainly up-date our outfits. Yesss! 🙂

Love, xx

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