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While navigating lately through all the fashion design trends, one thing keeps striking me as an absolute truth. Logomania is back. The impact of a powerful logo is upon us; again! Fashion in the eighties and nineties was based on graphic design with logos etching the brand’s aesthetic echo. Monograms communicated the brand’s philosophy but more importantly they became a status symbol. But, after the early 00’s, logos were considered tacky. People appreciated subtlety and with teeny tiny logos. Nowadays, it seems that they’re cool again. Do you need proof of that? Then check out how all the more Instagram fashion influencers like Chiara Feragni are wearing recognizable brand logos as a trendy and playful way to adopt fashion.

Muted red, one of the trending fall colors, seen here on a coat, a logo tee and a handbag worn by a young black woman. Image by House of Fraser.
Image by House of Fraser. A Calvin Klein logo on a sweatshirt.
A creative image by Bimba Y Lola of a model wearing a large bag with a big Bimba Y Lola logo.
Image by Bimba Y Lola.

Some fashion houses restyled their logos and others coined it or even misspelled it on purpose. Interestingly enough, fashion collaborations emerged while iconic sports labels that were built in the eighties like Kappa, Reebok, Fila, Champion and so many others are now being rejuvenated. Whatever the case, this logomania trend is creating a new hype vibe around brands. This ultimately translates into huge marketing strategies and campaigns that will bring in cash. After all, luxury brands from Gucci, Fendi, Dior to Tommy Hilfiger know well that their branded goods are also their biggest sellers.

A red Kappa sweat jacket. Image by Littlewoods.
Image by Littlewoods. A Kappa red track jacket.
A DKNY logo shirt. Image by House of Fraser.
Image by House of Fraser. A DKNY logo shirt.
Molly King wearing a black Adidas T-shirt. Image by Littlewoods Ireland.
Image by Littlewoods Ireland. Molly King wearing an Adidas T-shirt.
A sweatshirt with a GUESS logo print. Image by GUESS.
Image by GUESS. A sweatshirt by GUESS.
A white T-shirt that reads Love Moschino. Image by House of Fraser.
Image by House of Fraser.
A Levis white T-shirt. Image by River Island.
Image by River Island. A Levis white T-shirt.
A Hugo Boss backpack. Image by House of Fraser.
Image by House of Fraser. A Hugo Boss backpack.

As for the consumer, the bigger the logo, the better. Apparently, in a mix-and-match society, it is easy to cultivate a coolness factor by using oversized logos on T-shirts paired with high fashionable staples at even steeper prices. Obviously, monogram pieces are becoming hugely popular again. Vintage and second-hand markets are thriving on pieces like that. Furthermore, this logomania trend presents a window of opportunity to new up-and-coming brands to “build” their brand as long as they have a carefully designed creative logo that will communicate their brand identity.

A Tommy Hilfiger cross body bag with a shoulder strap that emphasized the logo. Image by Littlewoods.
Image by Littlewoods. A Tommy Hilfiger crossbody bag.

So what’s your take on this? Are you ready to “statement” dress from head to toe in your favorite brand’s logo? A lot of celebrities already do. Personally, I’m not. There are two trends from the nineties that I dreaded: body conscious dresses and big logos. Mainly because, their aesthetic usually hurt my eyes since I don’t really like this “in your face approach.” Sadly for me, they’re back! 🙁 And this logomania trend is here to stay for a long time. But, I guess what goes around comes around… And we’ll survive through this trend yet again!


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