Tips and Ideas for Spring Editing Your Home

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Have you started spring cleaning yet? I have, and it’s taken me a lot longer than I expected. Getting all the indoor/outdoor spaces ready for spring – summer seasons isn’t a very fast process. For starters, I got rid of all the broken and/or chipped stuff and found the right spot for a few decor ornaments that were lingering about. We also cleaned most of our patio furniture, but they need a touch of teak oil brushing to freshen them up. Next, I have quite a bit of gardening to do. But my ultimate spring home improvement project is the installation of a canopy extension over our entrance door that will be installed probably in a fortnight’s time. (More on that in the near future). Anyhow, at least once I’m done, it will have shaken off those winter blues. Are you looking for easy ways to shake those winter blues too? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Nothing groundbreaking, but plenty of inspiration ideas and tips for spring editing your home. 😉

A garden shed with a vintage look and plenty of plants in beautiful pots looks gorgeous. Image by National Trust.
Image by National Trust.

Tip #1: Declutter and clean!

Spring editing your home starts with tidying up and cleaning the “weary” winter remnants that have piled up in the garage, the terrace, the patio, the garden shed or the balcony, and the patio furniture. This is probably the hardest to do, because it requires a lot of effort and there’s very little joy in it. But, that’s looking at the glass half-empty. Try thinking of it with a half-filled glass mindset instead: since these two tasks make the biggest difference in the world it means that you’re half-way done!! 😉 Personally, I find it easier to get on with my gardening once the clean-out has been done because then I can really focus on the gardening without being disheartened by the dirt.

A light, organic dining setup with mismatched chairs and sitting bench that all looks so fresh. Green foliage in the background make everything else pop up. Image by Next.
Image by Next. A hint of yellow, lots of green foliage, and wood in harmony.
All the essentials in a stylish corner look fabulous in their simplicity. A beautiful boudoir. Round forms, airy furniture, a colored mirror and green foliage all blending in nicely. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis. All the essentials in a stylish corner look fabulous in their simplicity. Round forms, airy furniture, a colored mirror and green foliage all blending in nicely.

Tip #2: Edit and accentuate

Editing is perhaps the single most important thing in design. Once you grasp an idea, it’s all about editing it over and over until there’s nothing left to be undone. Believe it or not, this is also so very true for any home. We edit homes again and again for we grow and our homes grow with us; it just takes a really long time to get everything just right. Besides, the natural light changes throughout the year. More daylight hours of intense sunshine means “harsher” contrasting shadows. Therefore, re-arranging some furniture and or any art images can have an incredible impact in an interior, while it changes our perspective. Adding flat-weave rugs can also create a sense of a lighter interior. Believe me, this is a good time to rethink your collectibles. Keep the ones that really matter to you and highlight them. So, when was the last time you really edited your possessions?

Add a touch of pop colors like with these five pillows with a geometric print pattern by a reading nook next to a big window. Image by House of Bath.
Image by House of Bath. There’s no rule in adding only one color accent. Go for more!!

Tip #3: Add color accents

Giving a wall a makeover with a color paint is perhaps the most inexpensive way to update a room and it will take spring editing your home to whole new level. If you’re feeling bold enough take a little risk; it’s well worth trying color blocking. Another easy and inexpensive way to update rooms is to update your soft textiles. This idea works wonders. For example in my bedroom I switch bedding to a lighter shade – keeping it very minimal or with a hint of a flower print. It instantly changes my mood.

View of a bed against a color blocked accent wall in pink and white. Next to the bed is a modern white side table with a retro style phone, a table lamp with a grey shade and atop there's a grey paper origami pendant light that adds texture in this stylish light bedroom. Image by Cuckooland.
Image by Cuckooland. A touch of pink is always a great idea. And that origami pendant light an even better one!
A white bedroom with white bedding that pops up because of its geometric print pattern in blue, yellow and pink color. Image by Next.
Image by Next. A light shade of bedding with an indifferent geometric pattern that pops up is a pretty cool way to freshen up any bedroom.

Tip #4: Go green

I bet you all noticed how big green styling is. Everyone will tell you to add green foliage anywhere you can, including the bathroom, because it’s like bringing the outdoors in. Unfortunately, though not everyone can keep up with the plant watering, especially if the pots are scattered all over the house. (I know I can’t and I don’t like being a plant killer)! Therefore, my suggestion is to create one nook with all the plants you can have. That means that you can water all of them in one go.

A stylish minimal nook with a wooden sideboard and lots of plants atop. The sideboard is near a door window and so there's plenty of natural light, making everything look so fresh and light. Image by Next.
Image by Next. Green foliage could be all the decor you need on a sideboard to make it look fresh, airy and organic.
I just love this rustic pot-holding rustic ladder against the brick accent wall. It's just perfect for holding a lot of plants in one spot. Image by Cuckooland.
Image by Cuckooland.
A woman holding a light blue Ferm Living planter with herbs. Image by Nest.
Image by Nest. The Ferm Living plant box is ideal for growing herbs, perfect if you’re into alfresco cooking like myself and it adds just about the right color! Two birds in a shot sort of speaking.

If that’s also out of the question, don’t worry; a great fuss-free idea is to introduce soft textiles with a green foliage theme and a non-existent maintenance level. By the way, the tropical theme (or jungle) is trending big now! Or, you can create an art gallery wall with some images of green foliage. Better yet, do both!

A beautiful white sofa looks great amidst a room with lots of organic accents, along with tropical theme throw pillows and lots of green foliage. Image by DFS Furniture.
Image by DFS Furniture. A tropical theme supported by the throw pillows, the green foliage and the organic textures (wood, rattan, wicker) can create an instant summer vibe in a space.
A hanging rattan swing chair creates a great reading nook with a few tropical theme textiles - cocoon perfect! Image by House of Fraser.
Image by House of Fraser. This is my kind of space – a nook with a view that can swing! A hint of the tropics makes it all perfect.
A cool gallery wall with contemporary black frames with images of yellow, or red or green foliage over a dark grey sofa. Looks so fresh and vibrant. Image by Marks and Spencer.
Image by Marks and Spencer. A gallery wall is always a great design idea!

Before closing, there’s one more idea for spring editing your home. I left the best for last, because it combines tips 2, 3 and 4! You could create an accent wall with an amazing wallpaper mural. I just loved the one below, because it’s such a great way to create the illusion of a huge window that’s anything but boring!! Wild or what?! If I only had an available wall to pull this one off… I wish!

A tropical theme wallpaper of an orangerie showing through a wind pane window. This wallpaper mural is an amazing accent wall in the living room set. Image by MindTheGap.
Image by Mind The Gap. How brilliant is this wallpaper mural?

So, what do you think? Are you up for any of these ideas? If you think about it, they are all pretty easy to do. The hard part is getting yourself worked up to really get around to spring editing your home with a fresh perspective in mind. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Next week I’ll be sharing some outdoor living inspiration.

So stay tuned, xx

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