Fun Reading 04.27

Fun Reading 04.27

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Well hello there! It’s Friday, it’s a beautiful sunny day and it almost feels like summer! Whatever happened to spring?! Anyway, things are looking up and so are our spirits, thanks to this lovely weather. As usual, I have rounded up another collection of the best home decor – design – travel links that you’ll breeze right through them. The nice thing about all these links, is the inspiration aftertaste you’re left with. I always start to think of new home improvement projects. Don’t you? Today, I got three home tours, a really interesting DIY IKEA hack and some inspirational imagery about gallery walls. How about it?

A beautiful image of a landscape with a meandering river just before the sun is about to set.

Image by Felix Russell Saw on Unsplash.

The first tour is of a Berlin home of many colors. Don’t get alarmed about the too many colors! It’s an interesting home that has spiced up things with colors.

The next home tour is of a relaxed beach home in neutral, earthy tones. It is found in Australia and has a beach chic flair to it with boho accents and ethnic vibes. It’s very nicely done and it looks a lot like a vacation home that you can’t get enough of. 😉

The third home tour is a beautiful eclectic farmhouse with minty green and copper accents, and tiles with geometric patterns.

Moving on, to an IKEA cabinet hack, ideal if you want a bar cabinet. This one has a twist though! So do check it out!

And for closing, check out the inspiring imagery of many different wall galleries – because art at home is essential. Totally inspiring. I for one, have listed 5 reasons to have one!

Have a good one! xx


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  • Amazing work turning the IKEA cabinet hack to a bar cabinet! Would like to try it myself. Hope it turns out just as good!

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