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Hey there! Chin up, it’s Friday. My tiredness wants to get the best of me, but I’m putting up a strong resistance, while laughing over all the silly mishaps and chores left undone. I think I deserve a break after all this week’s work. Time to do some reading and should I get lucky have a cat’s nap. Once again, I’ve rounded up this week’s most interesting fun reading links that feature some house tours and a renovation.

Assortment of different color flowers on shelving inside a greenhouse in Sweden.
Inside a greenhouse in Sweden.

Let me start off with this tour of Hannah Crowell’s ultra cool Nashville home and studio. She’s a designer whose studio has its very own vibe compared to her well lived in home. This home is a great example of a great space with just about the right staging touches to showcase a beautiful version of this home.

Next, I’ve lined up this remote cabin in Iceland for a stylish and cozy stay away from it all! And guess what?! It’s all blue – my very favorite color as you may have noticed. It has lots of inspirational details, i.e. their bathroom flooring.

Then, have a look at this clutter-free Finnish home with the loveliest childrens’ rooms!! Seriously, how’s that possible??

– My best guess is a) lots of storage options and b) lots of toy giveaways?? perhaps??!

Every time, I see a home like that I get overwhelmed with envy. Then I look at mine and giggle! Till I drop!! Hey, you never know, maybe one day I might learn to manage better my clutter, my hubby’s clutter, my kids’ clutter and all the general, uncategorized clutter that lingers about! Till then, I keep on dreaming…

Next, I’ll share with you how to organize a closet as a maximalist. Seriously, despite my home’s clutter, my closet is well organized, making it possible for me to put outfits together without getting frustrated.

And last but not least, a gentry kids and master bath reveal. Jenny Komeda’s design work is always spot on. The before and after photos of this renovation prove that.

Hope you have an awesome weekend, xx

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