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Growing up by the sea had a tremendous impact on me; watching the reflections upon calm waters or the turmoil of rough seas made me a passionate fan of the most sensational color, BLUE. Its array of blue shades are etched in my mind. This is the one color I swear by. Period. This is my color. But of course, I’m not the only one who feels so strongly about blue. It is a color with a universal appeal and a versatility beyond borders. Whether its the intensity of lapis, elegance of navy or timeless quality of denim, blue has a compelling fascinating character, no matter the shade or tone. So today, I just want to share some blue inspirational images, because no matter what any design or fashion trends are out there, blue home decor will never be out of style!

A bunch of polaroid photos of a seascape with breaking waves.
Original image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

One of the reasons I love blue is because it is always true. It has the widest range of tones and yet, it is always blue. Mix it with white or black and it’s still blue. No other color has that quality. Neither yellow or red (the other two primary colors have that quality). Therefore, blue tones-on-tones are fail-proof pairings. No matter how many blue shades you mix, it just can’t go wrong. Add an accent like yellow or orange and kaboom! you get an even more intense blue, like Van Gogh pointed out. (You may want to read about making successful color combinations).

Left image of a winter wonderland. A forest covered in snow next to a dark blue lake. Right image of a blue green sea with breaking waves and surfers riding them.
Left image by Aaron Burden. Right image by Annie Spratt. Both images on Unsplash.

Personally, I keep on adding blue home decor accents (despite the fact that I already have two blue sofas and four blue dining chairs in my open plan kitchen) because I simply can’t have enough of it. It’s a color that invigorates me and has always inspired me the most. Its boundless versatility is epic! The collection of images below might help prove my point.

Left image of a stylish dining space with blue and turquoise accents via the seating and dinnerware. Image by M&S. Right image of blue Fritz Hansen Egg chair in a concrete grey nook. Talk about design envy.
Left image by M&S. Right image by Blue accents always add a sophisticated and stylish flair to any home style decor.
Left image of a wide stream running between snowy top mountains on either side. Right image is a detail of a tree branch with blossoms. A blue sky in the background makes everything pop.
Left image by Jeremy Bishop. Right image by Melinda Pack. Both images on Unsplash.
Left image. Colorful home facades - light blue, pink, red. Right image by Wilko. A bunch of blue and white pillows on a bed with some red accents in the background spice everything up.
Left image by Hugo Sousa on Unsplash. Right image by Wilko.
Left image: Blue home decor - of a fish print on an inspiration wallpaper by Mind the Gap. Right image of real fish in deep blue waters.
Right image by Mind the Gap. Left image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.
Left image of various really cool blue, mint and gray blue dipping Marrakesh styled bowls - blue home decor. Image by Right image of an ocean wave just before it breaks.
Left image by Right image by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash. These Marrakesh dipping bowls bring a flair of a handmade artifact that I really love. Makes it feel more homey.
Left image of a deep blue sea ripples. On the right a cutout image of a French blue origami lamp shade. Right image by Cuckooland.
Left image by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash. Right image by Cuckooland. A French blue origami lamp shade. Nice one!
Blue home decor. A House of Finn Juhl Sideboard looking amazing with its wooden tall legs and shades of blue arranged as a gradient. Image by On the right, an image of a white washed house on a Greek island with a blue pergola, a blue hydrant next to the house's external wall and a round blue table with a chair on the terrace above.
Left image by Right image by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash.

Obviously, I could go on and on about blue home decor. But, I’ll spare you from that! LOL! However, I do hope that I got you to appreciate blue a little more, because for some reason it seems to me that trends are trying to overshadow its remarkable character.

Although, this is an extremely busy time for me at work, I do have my radars on for the Salone del Mobile in Milan that’s taking place as we speak. So hop over to read about the latest trends from the most exciting Furniture Fair.

Catch you later, x

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