3 Reasons to Wear Long Skirts This Spring

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There are probably many reasons to wear long skirts this spring. But I’ll you give three big ones, that you won’t be able to ignore. All you’ll have to do, is pick your style and go for it – adopt it, wear it and own it…Because skirts will always be skirts!! And I’m sure you have one or two tucked somewhere in your wardrobe. After all we girls know how to have fun with them. Now don’t we?!

How pretty? A super looking white long skirt with ruffles is combined with a dark blue shirt with a floral print. Image by Girls on Film.
Image by Girls on Film

3 Reasons to Love Long Skirts

  1. They look good on everyone. They are easy to wear and the right style skirt enhances body shapes.
  2. They can be worn with any shoe. How awesome is that? Sneakers, boots, pumps, slingbacks, ballerinas, sliders, wedges – you name it!
  3. They are really comfy. And yes, comfort is a big thing this decade. So why not combine comfort with an edgy, flirty feminine side?!

The long skirt styles that seem to rule now are the ones with stripes, ruffles, and geometric patterns. Wrap skirts, A-line maxi skirts, and pleat skirts are all trending big. So, let’s get a hint of inspiration. A really cool styling tip to remember is that if your skirt makes a big statement, then your top should make a low one. If both top and skirt make big statements, then a denim jacket and a pair of sneakers could make a low one. In other words, keep a styling balance between your big profile and low profile staples. (I’ll get more into that in another post). 😉

Detail of a black stripe on white long wrap skirt. Image by JDWilliams.
Image by JDWilliams. One with a nautical flair to it.
A beautiful boho white long skirt combined with a coral red top looks great on this model who's standing in a dessert. Image by M and Co.
Image by M&Co. A boho long skirt is always great to wearing from spring till the end of an Indian summer.
Give me stripes atop and a long skirt with assymetric patterns and you get a statement outfit like this one a young model wears. Image by Debenhams.
Image by Debenhams. A J by Jasper Conran skirt.
A blonde young woman wears a coral red top and a long skirt with a geometric pattern - a beautiful boho style. Image by White Stuff.
Image by White Stuff. Did I mention how I fancy boho long skirts?
A young model wears a dark top with a colorblocked pleat long skirt. The colors of the skirt yellow, white and black make a stunning statement. Image by Jigsaw.
Image by Jigsaw

When I was little, I didn’t get pleat skirts. But, maxi long pleat skirts do look fabulous. It’s all about getting the length right! Now, I get it! 😉 This also happens to be the perfect styling example of high profile vs low profile staples that come together to pull off an outfit with a huge COOL factor to it. The top and shoes are both low profile. But the skirt with its color blocking and yellow color is a big profile staple. Add a high profile bag to it and it will be the perfect statement street-wear!

A sheer and flowy long black skirt with white polka dots looks fab with a yellow shirt on top, as worn by this model. Image by House of Fraser.
Image by House of Fraser. A Label Lab skirt, combined with a yellow top looks really trendy!! Have you noticed all that yellow around you yet?!
A black long A line skirt can look interesting if combined with a black and white stripe long sleeve tee and white sneakers like this model does. Image by Oliver Bonas.
Image by Oliver Bonas. A plain black skirt is never plain when paired with a striped top.
A striped long skirt paired with a color coordinated sweat top looks awesome on this young girl model. Image by Debenhams.
Image by Debenhams. More stripes!!

And a few more awesome choices that I really liked, because it would be a shame not them share with you…

4 different long skirts from Bimba Y Lola, House of Fraser, Joe Browns and Very Exclusive Tommy Hilfiger.
Images by Bimba Y Lola, House of Fraser, Joe Brownsand Very Exclusive.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have anymore my beautiful suntan. Therefore, long skirts are ideal for hiding my whiteness right now. Denims are always cool, but skirts and dresses are on my radar now!

Let me know your thoughts… Which style would you go for?

Yours, xo

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  • Skirts are definetely more feminine so why not? Love that they can be worn with sneakers. Makes the outfit so casual and easy going!

    • Oh yes! Sneakers are a low profile staple and therefore, when paired with a high profile staple you still get a cool outfit without feeling overdressed and stepping out of your comfort zone.

  • “Hiding my whiteness” ! Yes thats a great option. Thanks for your advice. I cant wait for more stylish ideas. You are great Velvet.?

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