Fun Reading 03.09

Fun Reading 03.09

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Well hello there! It’s Friday, it’s sunny and I’m in a good mood! No special reason. I left my door window open on purpose and it feels good to be typing away and hear the different sounds from outdoors coming in and flooding my room! I was on the phone all morning long, and so this is a nice change and just perfect to focus on this post. Luckily, I collected some new, interesting and inspiring links for some casual reading over the weekend. Therefore, grab your favorite drink and sit in your favorite nook and…

Lots of flower bouquets on sale outside a florist shop in London.

let’s begin with a gorgeous DIY macrame chandelier. I thought it was ideal for a beach house. (I’m in a rush for the summer and if you’re too then why not prepare for it? Right?)

Next, I got a house tour of a classic home with touches of modern romance. What I liked about this home, is the harmonious combination of old and new elements – a nice example of how old and new can coexist. (Sometimes, it’s a real shame to spoil old features in a home for the sake of a gut renovation). It has lots of contrasts but, it’s not overly done and therefore, I struck a great balance.

But since I mentioned a gut renovation, I think that you should have a look at a post I wrote about the top 6 bathroom design mistakes you need to avoid. It basically sums up the most common mistakes I have seen people do in bathrooms.

Now, take a peek inside the beautiful and eclectic Copenhagen home of an art curator. It was a home with a whimsical artistic approach – eclectic but not stuck up! Naturally, there are artworks everywhere!! And I loved that!

Last but not least, read about a Elsa’s and Ben’s trip to Norway. They took some gorgeous pictures during their trip that are almost surreal. It felt as if everything, including time, had frozen over.

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