My Honeymoon in Venice :: Part One

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Today  it is, I, Elisabeth who will share with you my honeymoon trip to the beautiful city of Venice, since Valentine’s day is only around the corner and what’s better than a journey to this romantic city! Well, to be honest at first it was hard for me to bring back all the memories from Venice since we visited her seven years ago yet, since then so much has changed in our lives!  Seven years later we now have two boys, one who will turn six in March and the younger one who is only three. So I am sure that everyone can understand what a change that is, in someone’s life. A pleasant one yet, a very big one!

View of the Grand Canal in Venice.
View of the Grand Canal in Venice.
Distant view of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore.
Distant view of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore overlooking the lagoon.

We had just gotten married and we were crazy in love with each other (don’t get me wrong we still are but in a different way) so we could not wait until our honeymoon started. We wanted to finally relax after all the running that went on due to the wedding preparations and most of all we wanted to be alone and far away from everyone! Our honeymoon started off with Lake Como where we stayed for a week and it ended in Venice with a few stops on the way. However, today I want to share with you my memories only from Venice. Another time I will write all about Lake Como, another beautiful destination.  Why not the other way around? I don’t know. I guess my heart belongs to Venice or else called the “City of Angels” or the “City of Bridges.”

Partial view of the Grand Canal and its beautiful architectural buildings.

A city with over 100 small islands that are separated by canals and connected by over 300 bridges! Can you just picture that for a moment? And to add to this magic, wherever you may look there are beautiful buildings with stunning architecture that simply leaves you breathless! And of course, there are gondolas everywhere with their gondoliers who will often sing along the way as they stroll down the canals making the atmosphere even more romantic! Surrounded by such beauty everywhere, it is not a surprise that part of the city is listed as a World Heritage Site!

View of the canal with Santa Maria della Salute.
The Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute.
Breakfast with a view of the canal in Venice. How wonderful is that!
Our view during breakfast. 

Day 1:

On our first day, as we were approaching the center of Venice with a water taxi I could not help notice an oversized cruise ship that was so near to the banks of the city! It was scary to watch but soon this was all well forgotten as we were approached the city and its beauty left us breathless!!! Personally, I was very anxious and could not wait to arrive to our hotel to see what it is like!

I had no doubt it would be beautiful, but I could have never imagined the view we would have! It was the beautiful basilica Santa Maria della Salute! So naturally, on our first night we had dinner at the hotel restaurant since I could not get enough of this view!  To add on to the magic, there was a live orchestra with a piano that was playing soft music while we were enjoying our dinner and drinking our wine with the moon shining over the basilica Santa Maria della Salute!

At St. Mark's Piazza with Doge's Palace on the right.
At St. Mark’s Piazza with Doge’s Palace on the right.
Detail of the Doge's Palace facade.
Detail of the Doge’s Palace facade.
View of St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, crowded with people.
St. Mark’s Basilica with the winged lion atop viewed from Piazza San Marco.
Musicians playing music under a stand with a canopy in St. Mark's Piazza in Venice.
Live music!

Day 2:

The next day we headed to St. Mark’s Square where there are several attractions to see.  We decided to see the two most important ones for us: the Doge’s Palace and St. Marks Basilica. St. Marks Basilica has a beautiful Italo-Byzantine architecture thus, it’s truly worth seeing. The Doge’s Palace was the second attraction we toured with great art paintings to see. Of course we also had a tour at the prison cells and the famous Bridge of Sighs.

When we finished the tour of the palace it was time to sit and enjoy the lovely weather like so many other tourists did while drinking a refreshment, grabbing something quick to eat and simply enjoy watching people come and go. It is so funny but I still remember that although the square was filled with so many tourists it felt so tranquil and peaceful or perhaps it was just I who felt like that! Nevertheless, I can still remember this tranquility.

Anyway, after getting enough rest I could not help myself from wanting to have a gondola ride and so of course we did! It was so beautiful going under all these different small bridges and through the narrow passages of the canal while discovering more secret passages only to take you to the next bridge under! How magical!

View from a gondola of one of the countless canals in Venice.
With our gondola through the canals.
Elisabeth on a bridge in Venice with a canal in the background.

Our day finished of course having Bellinis at Harry’s Bar which is so famous! There we met two couples that were Americans and kept talking with each other all the time we were there having a great laugh altogether! They were very friendly and great company and I remember how the wished us all the best for our marriage! They were very surprised as well with my accent since it is American and so I explained to them that I had finished an American School back home in Athens and although I studied in London my accent still remains American. What a great time we had that night! I can’t remember to be honest how many Bellini’s we had but I remember that I just couldn’t stop laughing with my husband!

The Rialto Bridge
A closer view of the famous ornate Rialto Bridge in Venice spanning over the Grand Canal.
The famous ornate Rialto Bridge in Venice spanning over the Grand Canal.
During a race, gondoliers rowing away in the Grand Canal.
During a race…
View of river taxis and boats sailing along the Grand Canal, with colorful buildings in Venice.
Elisabeth with the Grand Canal in the background.
Elisabeth's husband John.
My husband, John.

Day 3:

The following day we had to see the famous Rialto Bridge! The Rialto Bridge is the oldest of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice. The ornate bridge is single span and it has two inclined ramps with stairs that lead you to the central portico with shops on both sides, as well as three walkways. Gosh! I still remember how much I loved all this busy traffic that was going on! Needless to say that this is the heart of Venice! There were some many people everywhere! Restaurants, little shops, cafes…all in such elegance and beauty!

Gondolas docked to the side of a bank for people from the a restaurant to embark or disembark, in Venice.

We literally spend the whole day there and at night we decided with my husband to have dinner in a restaurant of our choice by luck! We just decided to walk and choose one that looked “pretty” in our eyes! We did not care so much about the food quality. But we did care about the setting and the atmosphere of it! So as we were crossing a bridge my eye caught a restaurant which was literally next to the canal and one could see the gondolas passing by thus making our view unique! And since I love flowers I could not have chosen a restaurant without any.

On the rails that existed on the one side of the restaurant there were flower pots hanging with red geraniums that is a typical Mediterranean flower – a flower I myself have at home. So this definitely made me feel like I was home. The night was very pleasant allowing you to sit outside thus enjoying all the beauty while we were drinking our favorite drinks! Can you guess? Bellini cocktails of course!

Entrance to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection museum.
Entrance to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection museum.
Inside the yard of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum with several sculptures in open display for viewing.
Inside the courtyard of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.

It was now the third day we were in Venice and it was time to visit the magical baroque basilica di Santa Maria della Salute and of course the Peggy Guggenheim Museum with contemporary art by artists like Picasso, Pollock, Dalli, Kandinsky and many more!  I don’t remember much expect that basilica di Santa Maria della Salute was another beautiful building with amazing architecture that left me breathless and as far as the museum is concerned, it was an amazing experience!

It was so interesting to see such different kinds and forms of art all gathered in one place! Other than that I remember it was a very hot day and although we are used to hot weather back in my country that day for some reason it felt extremely hot and so my husband and I were drinking constantly lots of water to keep us hydrated! By lunch time we were exhausted yet, so happy to be together and so happy to be in a place that we both loved and enjoyed so much! Love was in the air!!!

The San Marco Campanile and the Doge's Palace as viewed from a gondola.
The San Marco Campanile and the Doge’s Palace as viewed from a gondola.
View of a canal and the old buildings from a gondola in Venice.
In a gondola at the Grand Canal.
The Grand Canal of Venice.
Elisabeth and John in a gondola in Venice.
Elisabeth and John.

Day 4:

A bunch of colorful Murano bowls and glasses that Elisabeth bought on her honeymoon and brought home.
My collection colorful Murano bowls and glasses that we bought on our honeymoon and brought home.

The fourth day, as most women would agree with me, was spent doing what women do best! 😉 Shopping, shopping, and once again shopping!!! Needless to say that Venice has beautiful shops and Italians are well known for their great style! So believe me it was very hard to control myself although I had to (for obvious reasons) since everything was truly irresistible! Now because my sister and I share a love for house design ever since we were young girls (our mother knows that best since we always used to re-decorate and rearrange her furniture LOL!), it is not hard to imagine that I would not leave Venice without buying something for our house back in Athens, Greece. So guess what? My husband and I bought a collection of small and beautiful Murano glasses along with small ice cream bowls all in different colors!

As a matter of fact, the Murano glasses was something my husband and I  had spotted back in the hotel we were staying from day one and that was where we got the idea from! My husband pleasantly surprised me the third morning during breakfast when he turned to me and told me that he really liked those glasses and commented on how fabulous they looked! So he thought that it would be great if we also bought similar ones in order to enjoy back home! It was so much fun choosing the colors! I think we spend over an hour trying to decide!

But, I also recall buying from the same store something very precious to me till now. A beautiful tan leather key chain that I use everyday even till now! So you might wonder what is so special about the key chain? Well, to me it is precious because it reminds me every single day of those four beautiful days my husband and I spend in Venice for our honeymoon. A trip that will always stay in my heart and small details like that key chain will only bring out these memories and remind me of our young and carefree love that we so passionately shared for each other.

Dedicated to my husband, the love of my life!

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P.S. All imagery is mine.

  • Elizabeth, It’s been long time since I read so much English 🙂 Just want to tell you that I loved your story, your honeymoon sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of memories that I’m sure you will remember for your whole life. I visited Venice and got in love with the place just like you did. You write wonderful!!! (also love your colourful glasses and bowls). continue doing what you love, it comes out great. kisses

    • Dear Efrat, thank you for your kind words. I am very happy you enjoyed reading my post although, it has been a while since you read so much English! 😉 Happy to know that you have also been in Venice and loved it! Many kisses to you and your family.

  • Αγαπώ τα ταξίδια, αγάπησα την Ιταλία με όλα αυτά που έγραψες, ταξίδεψα μαζί σας κάπου εκεί μέσα σε μια γόνδολα…. “you are beautiful together “ κ έτσι να μείνετε !!!!!
    Your friend Kyriaki

    • Dear Kyriaki,
      I have to confess that I’m also in love with Italy and Venice is one of my favorite cities of Italy!!! Glad to know you enjoyed the post and “travelled” with us along with a gondola!!! Many kisses

  • Thank you for sharing your lovely trip with us. I have also been to Venice and remember it fondly xx

    • You are most welcome. Nice to know that you have also visited Venice and that you also have good memories…xxx

  • I wouldn’t expect anything less from you my dear Elisabeth! Beautiful writing and Amazing photos! Congratulations!!!

  • Dearest Elisabeth! BIGGEST congrats of your wedding! What a wonderful and joyful post, I’ve never been to Venice so you’ve really got me all gitty inside! Thank you so much for sharing such intimate and gorgeous scenes from you honeymoon. Big hug from DK, Mette

    • Dear Mette, thank you so much for your kind words. It was a real pleasure for me to go back in time and remember such pleasant memories of my life. I hope you get to go sometime to Venice and see its real beauty with your own eyes! With love, Elisabeth

  • Μας ταξίδεψες όλους μαζί στην Βενετία με το άρθρο σου!Υπέροχο!!! 🙂

  • yiannis the husband ! February 13, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    Elisabeth my love !
    What a great time we had ! Lets hope we’ll do this trip again !
    P.S. I love you !

    • My dear Yanni I truly hope we repeat this trip again sometime! I loved you then and will always love you…

  • Your very first post✌??????? And it is a lovely one!!!! We also hea our honeymoon there (twins..) and I wish I had read your impressions before…
    love your writing, love this post and the dedication at the end??
    Happy valentine

    • Dear Rona I am very happy you liked the post! And indeed what a coincidence that you also went on your honeymoon in Venice! So it is true that friends and great minds think alike!;)

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