Fun Reading 02.09

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View of Como and the Lake Como. Image by Velvet.
Como at Lake Como – Italy. Image by author.

Another week is coming to an end! Yahhhh! I’m looking forward to gearing down and having a movie marathon. What are your plans? Hope you make time for some casual reading, because I’ve rounded up a few interesting links from around the web. They are perfect to beat the winter blues, so grab yourself a drink and come along this virtual tour…I’ve chosen two home tours and one family story. The first home tour is about a REALLY small, cozy but stylish studio flat in Sweden. It’s a perfect example of a small space making a big impact.

Next, let’s head to NYC. This is a tour of the Soho Home of Danish model and Entrepreneur Camilla Vest. (Honestly, I’ve never heard of her before, perhaps you have though). Anyway, this home looked admiringly fresh, crisp and totally clutter-free! And at the risk of sounding annoying: let me emphasize that again, absolutely clutter-free!! It bewildered me. Moreover, it is a superb example of a Scandinavian chic home. Naturally, that’s kind of expected considering that a Danish family lives there. 😉

A visual tour is up next…to Lake Lugano. We happened to visit it as a day trip from Como where we were staying at a fabulous airbnb flat. (In case you do have an airbnb home listing, then you might also be interested in learning how to upgrade your airbnb so that it stands out from the rest).

Last but not least, I’ve included a happy family story: Elsie’s adoption story. The reason is that homes are all about love. So, this story is about Elsie and Jeremy who have adopted a little girl from China, they named Nova. Their post includes a short video of the day Elsie and Jeremy finally got their daughter. It had me on tears, but it was really beautiful and I just had to share it with you guys.

That’s a wrap for this week. Next week, I have another story for you – from Elisabeth and I’m absolutely certain that you will love it. Stay tuned…

Have an awesome weekend,

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