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Happy February! They say that this is is the month of love. I say that the worse of winter weather is almost over here in Greece!! I can actually tell that the daytime light is longer. Before we know it, it will be spring again. Don’t you just love how the seasons come and go, transforming nature endlessly? The mountain tops might be snowy, but it always feel great to be swamped in work and have a vision of nature and the great outdoors to daydream about. It helps me get on with my daily chores. It also helps to make some time to do some casual reading. Therefore, I’ve collected new links from the web with house tours and a make-over to help you unwind. Take a five minute break and look through them…

A traditional coffee house setup inside an atrium of Hermoupolis town hall. Image by Velvet.
Inside the town hall of Hermoupolis, Syros. (Image by author).

My first link is a house tour, a mid-century shaker. You’ll see lots of accent mid-century chairs and a fresh simplistic styling approach of a house that has a distinct upbeat 60’s vibe. It’s very minimal, but not in a Scandi-way (all white & grey). It’s got color and you know how I love my colors (except the orange hue range).

Next, have a look at a very different home – a gorgeous, colorful Georgian home in Edinburgh! I fell completely and utterly in love with it. PLEASE take a look at this house with its high ceilings, moldings, hardwood floors, and amazing decoration scheme that is well balanced and cozy. It is rich in colors, textures, patterns – you name it!

Let us head south now on the other side of the Atlantic, for a make-over of a Miami penthouse before and after. I don’t know how you feel about looking at before and after pictures. In my work as a designer, I have plenty of before pictures, drawings, 3Ds, intermediate stages (it helps me to remember the exact positions of installations in the years to come after the renovations) and unfortunately only a few after pictures.

I kind of kick myself in the butt for this, but then again I have to respect my clients request for privacy and non-disclosure. The point I’m trying to make though, is that I truly enjoy seeing before and after pictures, because it always gives the same rush of fulfillment I get when a project is completed. See for yourself and let me know.

Finally, I’ll close off with some imagery of home offices that basically don’t look so “office-like.” They kind of remind me of my own little home office, in the corner of my living room. 🙂 In any case, I think that if you are interested in some home office inspiration, then you could check this post from the archives.

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