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If there was one thing I would love to see more of, in Greece, is wallpaper. And I’m not talking about any boring, granny looking wallpaper. Wallpapers nowadays are simply fascinating. Every chance I get to gaze at wallpaper lookbooks is a treasured moment, because my mind begins an imaginary journey of endless possibilities, starting with these modern wallpaper designs!

Four fantastic wallpapers. Images by Mind the Gap.
Images by MindtheGap. Four different fantastic wallpapers.

You see wallpapers are a bit like area rugs. They engage. BIG time! They complement. They create a story. They liven any space from a powder room, entryway to a dining room. So join me today for some decor inspiration. Check out these fantastic, modern wallpaper designs that will get you in a decorating mood! 😉

What a vibrant staircase thanks to a green foliage motif wallpaper, a number of plants and two image prints. Image by Dunelm.
Image by Dunelm
A stylish, moody living room with a gorgeous green velvet sofa against a dark floral motif wallpaper. Image by Cuckooland.
Image by Cuckooland
A soft blush colored wallpaper with a geometric motif. Simply gorgeous. Image by Homebase.
Image by Homebase

Wallpapers add energy in a rather unconventional way through motifs. And that’s what makes them really stand out. Obviously, they usually add pattern. (I say usually, because murals are more about a theme rather than pattern). They also highlight easily a specific feature like an alcove, or frame furniture like a chest. But most times, they act as an interesting backdrop, ideal for creating contrasts or accents on walls or ceilings.

A stunning wallpaper with a geometric motif inspired by Marrakesh traditional tiles. Image by MindtheGap.
Image by MindtheGap

Floral motifs are no longer boring. They are vibrant and full of punch. Animals are no longer reserved for children’s bedrooms. Geometrical motifs and tropical themes are super trendy – fresh and exciting. Each motif has different vibe. All you have to do is find the one that resonates to you and your style. Some are bold and sophisticated, while others have a whimsical feel to them. Personally, I wish I had a huge kitchen with a casual dining space where I would have a tropical theme wallpaper, just throw things off a little and celebrate living (if you catch my drift)! 😉 And why not catch some inspiration on the urban tropical decorating theme.

Green foliage – tropical theme

Image by MindtheGap

Blues for moody interiors

Two gorgeous, unconventional motifs for blue based wallpapers. Images by MindtheGap.
Two gorgeous, unconventional motifs for blue based wallpapers. Images by MindtheGap.
Image by MindtheGap

Industrial Modern Wallpaper Designs

Two gorgeous, unconventional motifs for industrial based wallpapers. Images by MindtheGap.
Image by MindtheGap

These modern wallpaper designs/motifs are awesome, or what?! They instantly update and upgrade any living room. So which theme would you consider? I’m in between the green foliage and the blue houses’ blueprint. (Can’t hide my engineering discipline, now can I)? LOL!

So many brands now, have gorgeous paper wallcoverings, textile, or vinyl ones with or without a non-woven backing. Moreover, there are some 3D wall coverings that take everything a whole new level but, most of us can suffice with the 2D printed kind.

The good news are that the choices are endless, while the prices vary considerably. So, all you have to do is shop around for whatever suits you best. The only real issue you may encounter, is choosing which wall(s) to install first! 😉

Stay inspired, XO

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  • Lovely article, like the pictures selected for the article, loved the ‘blues’ very inspiring; they can really change your home; I agree after all the options and designs available now, the hard bit is’ which wall’ ‘do you’ ‘start with’ as you reflected on and what design do I go for??!!!!! Very nice article, Thank you.

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