Brilliant Designer Lighting Ideas

Brilliant Designer Lighting Ideas

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Have I told you that I have designed two table lamps that I plan on putting in production very shortly? The spark behind this project came about as an effort to manipulate light in my living’s room corner that houses my office. It turned out to be one of my favorite projects that gave birth to many more ideas and sketches that I plan to have a go at, once I find a little spare time. (Please don’t laugh – I’m always hopeful that I’ll get to finish the things I’ve started). But, since I’m not ready to share all the details with you at this time, let’s talk about simple, modern statement lighting – the illuminating factor in any design scheme. Well curated contemporary design, embraces yet again mid century designer lighting that continues running on a never-ending trending streak. The reason is simple. It is the perfect way to fuse contemporary design trends with the modern, geometric simplicity of brilliant lighting, to create the most elegant and eclectic styles. So, say cheers to designer lighting!

Two beautiful Louis Poulsen pendant lamps over a dining table create a hygge ambiance. Image by

Image by (via) These two Louis Poulsen cirque pendant lights, designed by Clara von Zweigbergk, create a hygge feeling in this dining room, glare-free due to an inner reflector.

Why? Statement lighting is equally important as furniture and decor, in defining a home’s personality. All the more people are beginning to appreciate the importance of a good lighting scheme. More than ever before, its importance is evident both in terms of function and aesthetics for it delivers that WOW factor instantly. Thus, here are 15 ambient lighting ideas to spark your imagination. Some are iconic designs, while others are unique creations of contemporary designers that exhibit similar qualities as their predecessors. All are equally fabulous specimens of ambient lighting.

What a warm ambiance these hanging pendants create in this vignette with the side table and gorgeous armchair. Image by Houseology.

Image by Houseology (via) A hint of industrial chic from this Kelly Hoppen by Resource Decor Brando copper pendant light

A warm glow transcends this contemporary dining space due to the two Muuto white pendant lights. Image by

Image by (via). The Muuto fluid pendant light, designed by the Swedish trio: Claesson, Koivisto, Rume adds a sense of warm glow in this minimal dining space.

A Lenn Bjere silver finish table lamp that looks exquisite on a sideboard. Image by Houseology.

Image by Houseology (via). A Lene Bjerre Elipse table lamp.

Proof that a brass pendant Gubi light can upgrade a dark moody dining space. The brass finish of the light matches the brass finish of the dining table's perimeter. A beautiful touch. Image by

Image by (via) The iconic Gubi semi pendant light adds a glamorous touch in this moody dining space especially due to its brass finish. It was designed in 1968 by two architecture students, Claus Bonderup and Torsten Thorup. It won them the first prize at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture.

Beautiful chandeliers with a 1930's retro flair to them. Images by Houseology and

Images by Houseology (1), and (2, 3)

Six beatiful pendant lights, including the iconic artichoke lamp. Images by Houseology and

Top images by: Houseology (1, 2) and (3) // Bottom images by Houseology (4) and (5, 6)

How many of you knew that Arne Jacobsen, designed not only iconic chairs but also lights? He and Poul Henningsen, were the best designers of Louis Poulsen, the Danish light manufacturer. Poul Henningsen, a Danish designer (1894-1967), also known as PH, is mostly known for his legacy in the lighting field. His aim was to create a uniform illumination with no glare. He designed in 1958, the iconic PH-Artichoke (or conifer) and the PH lamps’ series. The PH 5 is probably the one best known.

Several PH5 pendant lamps hanging in different colors. A great way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this iconic lamp. Image by

Image by (via) The PH5 that provides 100% glare-free light due to its reflective three shade system.

The only reason why I included some pricing in the imagery above, was to allow one to see that pricing ranges considerably.  However, rest assured that spending money on designer lighting is not money wasted on just fancy lights. If you’re a home lover, and I think you must be if you’re reading these lines, chances are that you invest money in your home’s aesthetics. You may have already invested in stunning artwork, luxurious furnishings, state-of-the art home appliances e.t.c., but none of it will look half as good under the wrong lighting… That’s why we say that lighting breaks or makes a room. Good chances are that you will replace your sofa in the next 15-20 years or so. And that goes for a lot of your furniture too. But, in my opinion, designer lighting is a one time deal, therefore buy wisely! Do a little research before you make your next buy. 😉 And if you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask away. As always, share your thoughts in the comments below (so I can do my little happy dance)!!

Take care now home lovers, xo