Fun Reading 01.26

Fun Reading 01.26

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Hey there, how are you? Last weekend we did go away on a mini getaway after all. And it was just enough to fuel up and get through this week and next. Hopefully, we’ll manage to get away, yet again soon enough. Now, it’s time for another collection of reading links for a weekend well spent. Grab yourself your favorite drink and make some me time for casual reading. I’ve collected two beautiful home tours, mini-makeovers and a very interesting list.

Detail of an exotic yellow slim flower in contrast to its long green point leaves. Image by Elisabeth.

Image by Elisabeth

The first tour is about a dated home that becomes a fresh, modern farmhouse. I always have a soft spot for farmhouses and this one is so bright and airy! Although it is basically white, those mint color splashes are just enough to totally win me over.

The second tour is a Florida home with a very neutral palette, but inky details as accents to make it all stand out. It is an all white-and-black home. Note, that one of the house owners is called James Bond!! 😉

Next, is a modern and organic living room makeover – one with an incredible view and a wall hanging that was placed ingeniously over the sofa off-center thus, making a fascinating statement. The two leather armchairs really stand out, highlighting the organic elements of this home.

Now, every house needs a home improvement project now and then for everyone’s needs evolve and change over time. In this case, a staircase becomes a sweet built-in bar, creating a transitional function between two spaces.

Last but not least, have a look at this year’s list to do. I could totally relate to it and I’m sure that goes for most of you too.

Have to run now, it’s my daughter’s second birthday!!! Yahhh!

Have a good one!