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Hello there! I’m quite excited. Chances are that we’ll be going away this weekend on a mini-getaway! Honestly, I can’t wait for it. But before, I go to prepare our stuff, I’ve collected some really cool links for some fun reading over the weekend. I’ve chosen a travelogue, a house tour in Baltimore, a house tour in Spain, and a drawing that will all help you relax. So grab a cup of your favorite drink and read away…

Sea view of the Aegean Sea from an alley in Ano Syros. Image by Velvet.
Sea view from Ano Syros. (Image by author).

I’m quite sure that you will really enjoy this Marrakech travelogue. The imagery is absolutely dreamy. I still can’t get enough of the colors. It goes without say that I just added Marrakech to my wishlist. Unfortunately, I won’t be making this trip anytime soon, but still it won’t hurt to gaze at this photos one more time and daydream!

Speaking of daydreaming, I have just the link for you. If you’re a plant lover then you must have a look at these photos of an incredible loft, filled with plants! And I mean literally filled!!! It’s quite unbelievable really! But the great thing about this loft, is that it makes you wonder whether you could go to such an extent and how would it affect your life in the long run. After all, plants need time and loving… So hands up if you’re that committed! 😉

And after the house tour in Baltimore, let’s head for Spain to another inspiring interior, home to a French designer. This home is like an ode to wood – a real natural beauty. Take note of the kitchen, where geometrical patterns prevail adding a sense a texture. It’s a little monotonous for my liking but also quite striking at the same time. I’ll let you be the judge of it.

Now certainly, we all experience particular feelings that can only be described with a whole bunch of words. This drawing lists some of those nameless feelings. It left me wondering, how many more such feelings exist that are common among all people. I for one, can’t describe the feeling I get when I walk my son to school on the first day of each school year. What about you? Do you have any such nameless feelings?

Lastly, I will bid you farewell with the easiest ever office stretches – a routine that you could do while at the office! Your muscles will thank you for that break.

Whatever you do have a really good one, xo

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