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Well hello there! I just realized that this is the first of the last three fun reading posts before this year is out!! Suddenly, I’m feeling a little pressure to make them more festive! Still I have included a great collection of statement making minimalism. So, are any of you feeling the holiday buzz? This buzz seems to be getting louder as I grow older, and a lot more disorientating if I may add too. Therefore, I try to focus on one day at a time as if it was just another ordinary day and hoping to get all the important stuff done on time. The rest will follow…How do you handle it all?

A Christmas wreath with pine cones and stars hanging from a wooden front door. Image by Elisabeth.
Image by Elisabeth Karatzas

If leisure reading helps, then let me start off with a link of a bright, rustic home in Norway. I really liked its sense of continuity and well thought off design scheme, with lots of black stains/details that create cohesiveness, but most of all juxtapositions. The trouble with a lot of the all-white homes is that they’re not balanced because they lack factors that ground them. Juxtapositions (best achieved usually via color layer) are required to create that grounding effect that’s needed in most spaces. Therefore, this a good example of how juxtapositions work.

The next link I chose is about a three day makeover of a boathouse by a lake. You’re probably thinking that such a project like that isn’t really possible. This however, is an interior decorating sponsored project with no labor work done obviously, but it goes to show how the right furnishing and layering can really transform any space. The combination of the boathouse’s location and result is simply dreamy. The imagery is well worth checking it out.

Now if you’re a fan of minimalism, then you’ll really like this link with a great collection of statement making minimalism. Lots of interesting imagery of statement artwork blending with furniture pieces. 😉 Most inspiring!

Another interesting interior decorating trend is Japandi :: the cross cultural fusion design trend. It is a hybrid kind of trend based on Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism. It is well worth checking out!

Undoubtedly, this season people opt for dressing up. So, wearing a big bow is spot on. Here’s how to make a DIY strapless bow top. I think it can look awesome in ruby red or teal as well. Obviously, I’m not going to leave you hanging without any other inspiration. So last but not least, here’s to holiday party outfits.

Personally, I admit that I always get a little envious with setups like that. Don’t get me wrong, I REALLY like them. The trouble is that, here in Greece, there is always such an abundance of food that it’s literally impossible to make a table scape look that good with all the food platters and side dishes. Seriously, it can’t be done! LOL!

Gotta to run…Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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