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It’s holiday season: 2+1 days left to Christmas and I can’t get over the fact how fast time flies! It’s been a year since I started blogging regularly and so I have plenty to celebrate for. I’m most grateful to my old, loyal friend readers and I would also like to thank the new ones for joining our tribe. If you haven’t joined us yet, then you may do so by subscribing (it’s free and I promise I’ll never spam you)!

An advent's wreath next to two nutcrackers on a dining table.

So, I’m preparing a few giveaways after New Year’s for some lucky readers (both old and new). Who knows, it might be you?! So stay tuned for more details. Till then I would like to wish Merry Christmas to you all and your families. Let’s not forget to share our joy with all and if possible make it a point not to leave anyone alone this holiday season.

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Original photo by Chuttersnap

Unfortunately, there’s lots of sadness and loneliness going around all year long, so I think it would be nice to ease someone’s pain especially these days… Enough said, time to take some action. But before I go, here’s a few good links I collected from around the web just in case you find some spare time between parties, dinners, and get-togethers. 😉

Let me start off with a beautiful DIY beaded snowflake ornament. Imagine making several of those and turning them into a garland for the mantel or laying them as decor on the tabletop you’ve got planned for Christmas dinner. 😉

The next link is about the house that Pinterest built. The post has some beautiful imagery – snapshots from Diane Keaton’s book who collected pins from Pinterest (a truly huge inspiring collection library of people’s favorite images) to interpret her vision of the home she wanted to built.

In case you’re in a wanderlust mood but you have to stay put, then may I suggest a visual trip with this city guide to Copenhagen? It has some beautiful imagery that will make you travel. 😉 Or perhaps a weekend in Rome? It is one beautiful city that you should definitely add on to your wishlist.

And finally, a little more last minute inspiration for Scandinavian holiday tables. If you’re into Scandinavian minimalism then these are truly inspiring and timeless (proven by the fact that this is a two year old post). However, this is our proposal for this holiday’s tabletop Christmas decor. (Just in case you missed it).

Don’t miss next week’s New Year’s tabletop inspiration!


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