Fun Reading 12.15

Fun Reading 12.15

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Nine days + 1 till Christmas! YES! I’m so excited that I can barely make myself type these words. The weekend is almost here and it’s a super special one for us. We’ll be baptizing my baby daughter!! 🙂 So, this has been a unusually hectic week for us, trying to get everything under control. But it will be super nice to see some friendly familiar faces of people I’ve missed so much. Everyone is always busy and so I really long for occasions like this to chat with friends, do a little catching up and share with them my homemade bliss! But enough about me. Let me share a new collection of links from the web for a well spent weekend

The first favorite link is about a Danish home decorated for Christmas. The great thing about this home is that it’s not all gray for a change! Some walls are a soft minty color while the beautiful bedroom has a minimal but surprisingly Paris flair to it. However, the biggest surprise is found at the child’s bedroom with an out-of-the-ordinary wallpaper! Check it out. 😉

In an older post of mine, how to make successful color combinations, I had mentioned how green goes with red. So, I chose this link because it has a great collection of imagery with a green – pink combination. Truly inspiring.

Next, I chose a link about a Norwegian mountain cabin. I loved its simplicity and poise. Oh, did I mention the kitchen? Totally, fell for it! Just dreamy!

Last but not least, I found a link about yet another Scandi-home retreat. I know that this would be the third Scandi related link. But, the difference is that this one is about a project that has not been carried out yet. The images are 3d renderings (that means that they are impressions of what it will eventually look like when finished) and it looks FINE! I’m sure that none of us would mind having a modern house retreat like that somewhere!

Let me know what you think of them. Hope you enjoy yourselves.

Have a great weekend, xo