Black Leather Leggings :: The Must Have Wardrobe Staple

Black Leather Leggings :: The Must Have Wardrobe Staple

Black Leather Leggings :: The Must Have Wardrobe Staple

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This season, I’m loving one wardrobe staple more than any other – my black faux leather stretch leggings! I know, I know! Where have I been? Yes, they’ve been around now for some time, but to be honest I didn’t see their charm immediately. Probably, because two years ago when they first starting trending big, I was about to give birth (and those extra 20 kgs didn’t leave much room for imagination). But, now I have developed a love affair with them. They are my new “it” staple that I wear on most occasions because they are so versatile, easy going but most of all stylish. I have a serious crush on them! 😉

As a matter of fact, they are more versatile than any of the little black dresses I own. I can wear them οn most occasions because the styling options are countless i.e. with sweats and sneakers to pick up my son from school, with a sweater, black ankle boots and black leather jacket for a brunch with the girls, with a pair of Stan Smiths and my fringed bag for a trip to the shops; or with high heel pumps and a top for a date with my hubby.

The key to their versatility is the style of shoes you choose to pair them with… (By the way sorry, for not showing my face in the photos but, I wasn’t actually Instagram worth material this morning unlike my sister – next time)! 😉

A collage of images where Elisabeth is wearing black leather pants and Velvet black faux leather leggings.

Elisabeth wearing black leather pants and Velvet wearing black leggings.

They were really affordable, which means that replacing them with new ones at any point won’t hurt a bit. The disadvantage of these leggings is that they will need replacing next season, because they’re not scratch proof.

Elisabeth on the other hand, owns a pair of real leather pants. Should she happen to scratch them, it’s not biggie, they’ll be around for many more seasons to come. A little scratch will only add to their real charm. 😉

Obviously, their price was higher but in overall, well worth it considering how great they look on her. In either case, it’s easy to wear them in a most fashionable way. So, cheers to that!

Do you own a pair of black leather leggings? What’s your favorite wardrobe staple?

Catch you later,