Autumn Love :: Season’s Inspiration

Autumn Love :: Season’s Inspiration

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Hello everyone! It’s October and the air is rising crispier in the mornings and chillier after the sun sets. The daylight hours have shortened and a color feast is taking place right before our very own eyes, as autumn leaves highlight nature’s preparation for winter. Nature now looks absolutely gorgeous, dressed up in warm toned yellows, orange, burnt sienna and deep red hues against moody dark blue, brown and charcoal grey backgrounds! Every leaf that falls is a blessing and despite the strong sense of nostalgia, we should all be deeply thankful and humbled by the beauty that surrounds us. I can’t help but wonder how many of us who live in a city, running about with our busy lives will actually make time to enjoy the great outdoors. I’ve prepared an inspiration board to share with you my love for autumn, including some subtle decor ideas, and get you all in the mood for this incredible season. 🙂

Orange leaves falling on the ground in the great outdoors. Blur trees can vaguely be seen in the background

Image by Autumn Mott

Nature has the most fascinating and ever changing color palette and autumn’s color palette is probably nature’s best. I know that some of you might disagree with me on this, but see first the inspiration board below. Perhaps, you’ll change your mind after that. Remember, there are so many reasons to love autumn, starting with:

  1. the colors of the leaves (stunning warm hues that add warmth to the chilling weather),
  2. cozy fires (including candle lights),
  3. hot chocolate,
  4. caramel apples,
  5. apple crumble,
  6. pumpkin pie,
  7. ideal weather for hiking, cycling, camping and any other outdoor activity including star gazing,
  8. Thanksgiving (for we all have a lot to be thankful for),
  9. Halloween,
  10. and last but not least, the softness of the light that gently resonates an enchanting electricity despite nature’s melancholy.

1/2 Annie Spratt

3 Gaelle Marcel/4

5 Kari Shea/6 Brigitte Tohm

7 Eberhard Grossgasteiger/8 Annie Spratt

9/10 Cala

11 Leon Contreras/12 Man Pan

13 David Lezcano/14 Erol Ahmed


17 Ian Keefe Calla/18 Cala

Anyone still not convinced? Most people I know love summer, for a lot of good reasons too. But fall is a “quite” season for the soul and hence, a great time to prep ourselves for the winter holidays and all the buzz that goes with it. It’s a great time to do a little soul searching and get our life back on track. Don’t you agree? I like to think of it as a “break” and therefore, I’m definitely glad that I have autumns in my life. How about you? Share your thoughts…


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  • Υπέροχες φωτογραφίες κορίτσια! Υπέροχα άρθρα! Μας δίνετε έμπνευση για φθινοπωρινή διακόσμηση!

    • “Great photos girls! Great posts! You give us inspiration for fall decor!” (comment translated from Greek)

      Thank you Voula! You’re most welcome! XO

  • Autumn happens to be my favorite season. Halloween is just around the corner not to mention Thanksgiving! Very nice photos! Would also like to try and decorate my garden and front porch this year a lot more!

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