A Simple DIY Wall Hanging

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Hi, everyone! I thought I share with you today, one of the most simple decorating hack ever – a DIY wall hanging. It’s so easy that it’s almost embarrassing sharing it here like this! It’s one of those tiny projects that you do at a spree of a moment kind of thing. The great thing about it is that you can customize it with anything you’d rather like i.e. photos, necklaces, hats, or scarves.

Two white tree branches hanging on the wall over an old wooden sideboard. The bottom branch has several worry beads hanging from it.

This in fact is a very old sideboard with a white marble top that Elisabeth has at her summer house in Syros. One day last summer, she found two washed off branches by the shore (not of the same length, but strong and not easily breakable) and brought them home. She figured that they might come handy at some point, and so they did.

This summer, she painted them white with some leftover chalkpaint. Since, she had a collection of Greek worry beads, she came up with the idea of placing the branches with nails onto the wall and hanging several of those worry beads from them. (Note, she didn’t actually nail the branches onto the wall. Instead, she fixed the nails and then placed the branches on top of them).

So, once the paint was all dry, she lined up some of her worry beads and placed them as shown here. She then proceeded with styling this vignette by adding, a faux shell on the marble top and placing the largest turquoise worry bead, in such a way, as if the worry beads dropped out of the shell. She also added the turquoise blue vases next to it and there you have it. Simple! I told you!

The Greek worry beads add a “touch” of something regional that compliment nicely the fact that this is a summer house on a Greek island. It’s something that older Greeks used to traditionally hold to help them get rid of their stress. Like I said earlier, this is a dead easy DIY wall hanging and you can choose to hang anything else, as long as your sticks will take the load.

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  • So classy and inspiring!lovely!!!just perfect!!!!!what inspiring ideas you share with us brightens my day and makes me get in touch with being creative again with” simple” touches and again you can create a piece of art!!!lovely work both of you !

    • Thank you Maria! We’re very glad to hear that it inspired you. I guess will have to start sharing more of those ideas… xo, xo

  • This does look easy! I’m thinking of photos! 🙂

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