Summer’s To Do List

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Sometimes, we forget ourselves… Every now and then I try to make lists to get myself back on track! Relaxing and getting some proper rest helps to recharge our bodies and minds, so even if we don’t manage to do any of the things below we shouldn’t skip the last one!

A woman in jean shorts is walking along a beach shore splashing about with her leg

Summer’s To Do List

see old friends

discover new restaurants

weekend beach getaways

try sailing or go on a sailing adventure

take more photos

workout more

read at least 3 books

make some homemade ice cream

bbq more

have a dinner party

try new recipes

go to open air movie theaters

gaze at the stars

relax and rest

This is my queue…I’m off for some rest and no work holiday (about 10 days) but will be back shortly for a lot more (including more design, arts, fashion, and beauty)! Do follow me on Instagram or drop me a line…


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