Have a Wonderful August Weekend!

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Hi everyone! Can you believe that this will be the last weekend of August? Seriously, time flies! But it’s not the end of the summer…and so we’ll definitely go to the beach this weekend. Now that we’re back home, I think my kids are already missing going to the beach everyday, like they did for the past four weeks. They spend so much of their energy into playing with the water and the sand, while listening to the ebb and flow. So now, they’re not sure where to allocate their energy and as a result they’re a little grumpy! (Any suggestions)?

A straw Panama hat, a cover tunic with pink and blue patterns, sunglasses all resting on a turquoise beach towel
Image by Elisabeth Karatzas

Anyhow, I found some really great fun links for some relaxed reading. Here’s a roundup. Hope you enjoy them!

As you know wedding season is far from over! As a matter of fact, I have to attend two of them in September alone. The debate is can you wear black in a wedding?

Since that is settled, how about 15+ beautiful guest dress ideas to wear in a wedding?!

I always wondered about this: do skincare products stop working? Should I use over the counter-products for my skincare or not and in an effort to discover some honest skincare products I did some research on what do cosmetic labels really mean. It turns out that there are plenty of “windows” that allow certain substances get by…

Anyway, I know some of you are still on vacay, but how about a cardio workout routine for more vigor? It is a great at home routine to try out and get that heart pumping.

Moving on to 10 things you didn’t know about Fred Perry! Surely, I didn’t!

A recipe for yogurt granita with melon and raspberries!

A stunning work of yarn art at the Mall of America! Incredible concept and beautiful colors. 😀

The top most fascinating black sand beaches from around the world.

What are your plans for this weekend? Anything exciting?

Have a wonderful time, xo, xo

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