More Fun Reading Links for a Great Weekend

More Fun Reading Links for a Great Weekend

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This was a difficult week for me yet, very fulfilling. It was very busy but I managed to get the blog’s makeover done as scheduled and that went pretty well. Now I have to pack for vacation. I’m off with my family to Syros!!! We can’t wait! Everyone’s really excited. So, I’ll be posting from Syros in the following couple of weeks with more inspirational sources, so be sure to follow me on Instagram as well. But first things first: these are the fun links from around the web for this week!

Two pineapples floating in a pool

Imagine a Parthenon made of books! A cool idea with great symbolism behind it.

The NBA changed its logo after almost 50 years!

Have you ever wondered how they designed movie titles without the use of computers?

I like walking barefoot inside my home. I don’t really enjoy it outdoors. How about running though? Is it better to run with trainers or barefoot?

These are some strange looking Japanese playgrounds.

I loved this link. It gives you 50 good reasons to love this world.

Some cool outfits worn by celebrities in London for Wimbledon.

These are the best no bake cookies!

This honestly made me laugh! 19 rookie mistakes parents make. 😀

Have a great one, xoxo



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